Finished my first 5k


Finished my first 5k, the Atlanta Monster Dash! Finished around 45 minutes,  with 14: 01/14:30/15:07 mile times and the last bit taking about two minutes, I forgot to stop the watch so it was a minute shorter. Major milestone victory, and I got some nice too  hardware too (a nice solid finishers medal)! Will write up a race report later, just wanted to post that I finished. Till next time.



  1. yay! Good job Chatter!

  2. Good job! Congrats

  3. Congratulations! So glad you get a finishers medal. That is cool.

  4. CONGRATS!!! Proud of you~

  5. Congrats man! Your well on your way! Keep it up!

  6. gratitudebh · · Reply

    Congratulations, keep it up. :0)

  7. Thank you everyone, just wanted to share as it is a major milestone for me. A very emotional event personally due to what it signifies I have accomplished. As I said I will be posting a write up later.

  8. What a great pic! Looking forward to hearing ALL about your experience! Congrats Chat !

  9. Congratulations! What a significant accomplshment! 🙂 Bree

  10. […] I promised earlier, here is my first ever race report (I also posted from my mobile, can be found here).  From what I understand this race has been ran in previous years in only other cities and this […]

  11. Great stuff finishing, your smile says it all.

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