Down To Hours

All week the recurring theme has been my first 5k and the completion of a major milestone in my road to fitness.  Well, I noticed the event ticker on the side bar has switched from days to hours and is now counting down the hours till I run my first 5k and complete the initial goal I set for myself back at the end of April,beginning of May.

I am nervous and excited at the same time, eager to get the race started and the first step on my road to fitfulness completed.  It is almost painful to focus on work and anything else right now.  A billion things are running through my mind… Did I get enough rest dasy? …. Did I take too many rest days?  …. Why does my calf feel tight this morning? …  Did I stretch enough? … Do I need to stretch more? … Am I truly ready for this? … Will 45 minutes for my time be ok?….

As I said a million things and none of them will matter till I get out and race tomorrow.  I have taken three days off of my legs, with only swimming workouts mixed in.  I wanted to be rested.  When I go to pick up my race packet later I am sure the walk will help stretch out the muscles.  Because the race is in downtown Atlanta, I have to pick up my packet downtown.  So I will get a good chance to do some walking and really stretch  my legs.  After I get my packet then off  to the gym to stretch and relax in the sauna and hot tub.  Then sleep and tomorrow morning I am off to the race!

To tell you the truth, I am a mixed bag of emotions right now and I am not sure if it will get better till the race is over tomorrow.  It is only a 5k race and is the least serious mileage out of the events running distances.  It is not chip times, but I chose it because of people walking and having fun in costumes.  What a better first time experience then something extremely fun.   Also, I figured the shenanigans might help to mask the slowness that is chatter right now.  Just needed to post the nervous excitement and get it out there.  Tomorrow is a big day and I am uber excited for it to finally get here. Next major event will be my first triathlon in four months, just ecstatic to finally get to the point of achieving my first major milestone on this current journey.  Til next time.



  1. How awesome! Cheers to you!!! 🙂 I’m pretty sure that the mixed emotions are normal. But I’m betting you’re gonna knock your own socks off in that 5k!


    1. Thank you. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Heck, I am even excited to pick up my race packet and get my bib! 🙂

      1. I hear that! You’re very welcome! Well, all the same…good luck!


  2. You’ll do fine. From what it sounds like you do more than I ever have to prepare for a race. I mean I taper, heck I’m currently right in the middle of a taper, but I never stretch or really do anything like that. One thing I will say from experience is don’t go out too strong. When your at the starting line and everyone is jumping trying to stay loose its easy to get a little too excited. Remember its your race, and run it as so. I’ve don’t it many times. My first 5K I had barely trained enough. I went out FAST. It turns out the whole first half of the course was downhill. Well on the way back I BONKED and I felt terrible. Just run nice and easy at your pace. Don’t worry about any body else. And remember the most important thing. Have fun!

  3. You’ve prepared and now all is left to do is have fun! Looking forward to reading your race report 🙂

    1. I look forward to sharing it! Its going to be beautiful weather!

  4. We are cheering you on Chatter! So very proud of you and what you’re accomplishing. It’s exciting to train (online) along side people I have never even met in person. Get some good rest tonight and have the time of your life tomorrow!

    1. I was amazed to find such amazing support from the wordpress and online community. You and others have greatly kept me motivated through hard times. I try to return that as much as possible as it is wonderful that we can all strive for and reach our goals, helping every one out as a community. Going to try to rest tonight, I was already having issues sleeping last night. Thanks for the support and being there, I am cheering for you too.

      1. Oh Chatter…I am such a scatter brained person. I am certainly not organized and I do not multi-task very good. It is so difficult for me to keep up here, I feel so guilty when I get three post behind on your blog. So many things in my life to keep up with…but ALL of them are SO worth my time. Just have to figure out HOW to make it all fit. The support here is absolutely priceless. I appreciate all of you so much. Good luck!

      2. Thank you for the chuckle. I understand. Some weeks I get pretty verbose and post twice daily and others once daily. I usually try to space them out to one in the morning and one in the evening. Weekends are hit or miss for me. I try to always get goal recaps up on sunday and new goals on Mondy, a habit I got from you and carrie that has carried me a long way. Tomorrow cannot get here fast enough.

  5. I hate to break it to you, but your first steps toward fitness happened a long time ago 😉 I hope you have a lot of fun tommorrow and suspect you will surprise yourself in a good way. Congrats on reaching such a big milestone!!!

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