Roll Your Troubles Away

AS I get ready for this weekend I realized there has been a large portion of my daily routine I have been lacking, daily massages via a roller.  A roller can be a runners best friend.  Basically it is a foam or other material roller big enough to roll along the legs.  It is used to provide a cheap method of massaging knots and tension caused from physical activity.  I have seen sites that often suggest rolling the ti band, hamstrings and quads at least once a day for 10 minutes, some even recommend doing it before running to help loosen up the muscles deep down.  I have gotten bad about not doing this and realized after Tuesdays hip work in Pilates that my hips and glutes needed a couple sessions with the roller.  So I have been rolling my hips, calves, quads and hamstrings a couple of times a day, slowly working out all the spots that are really bad, slowly getting them to a happy point.  Hopefully this will help on Saturday.

So in light of rollers and recovery I found this nifty infographic on rolling (note: I do not do  the upper body ones, might try them some day though).  I personally use  a product called the grid, which has grooves and bumps that is supposed to have a closer simulated feel to a massage and love it.

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  1. Good stuff! My foam roller is a life-saver, I was having some worrisome knee pain with the tri training until I started rolling my quads after every run.

    1. As I mentioned, I need to get used to using mine more. I let it build up and then have to spend a week unknotting all the sore spots.

  2. I just started using one of these and it KILLS me . . . but I love it. My knee is whacko too, so I’m hoping this will get me back in the groove. God knows my legs are seriously tight and imbalanced.

    1. Use it frequently. I have gone weeks without it till the build up really kills. For the knee, make sure you walk a bit then stretch, have good shoes and try Sole inserts ( I sense another gear post coming soon), I started all these things and regular ice and have had little knee pain.

  3. I have a love hate relationship with mine. Hate it during, love it after. It was part of my physical therapy for my knees. Absolutely dreaded it, but it helped a lot.

    1. Its amazing how much they seem to hurt, but within hours the tightness and pain goes away in the tight area.

      1. Ones thing’s for sure, if you have a hot spot, it will find it!

  4. I’ve seen several talking about these but have yet to get one. I think some shopping is in order this weekend and thanks for the post and infographic, very useful.

    1. I bought mine when I was buying my first pair of running shoes. The sales person told me I will probably want one and offered the simple foam variety. My eye caught on the knobby expensive one and that is what I got. In the end a good expense.

  5. thanks for posting this as I’ve been looking into getting a foam roller.

    1. If you have the extra cash I recommend the grid. Its a little shorter than some of the others and in some ways requires a little flexibility, but the bumps really work wonders.

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