Today’s Easy Run: That’s What I am Talking About

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Today’s easy run results totally took me by surprise, hours later I am still grinning.  Firstly, this week is a recovery week, a week where I allow my body some much needed rest before starting another round of hard workouts.  Secondly, I run my first 5k this weekend and will be accomplishing a major milestone goal.  Both factors led to reduced run workouts that were specifically aimed at preparing for the race on Saturday.

The plan for this week was pretty simple:

  • Tuesday get an easy run in
  • Wednesday and Thursday swim and otherwise rest
  • Friday get an hour of early morning spinning in to help loosen and remove leg stiffness
  • Saturday race.

So today was an easy run, no frills, just run.  I had no anticipation to beat any times, or to go any faster, my focus was just on setting a consistent pace and sticking with it for all 3 miles.  The end result blew me away!    

Highlights of today’s run:

  •  I beat my 3 mile time by close to 3 minutes in less than 2 weeks, my best 3 mile time previous to today witch was 2.91 miles in 47:59 minutes.  Today I ran 3.02 miles in 46:26 minutes!!!
  • I improved my 1 mile time: Previously on this route my best mile time was 15:44 last Monday October the 15th, on my first mile.  Today my best mile time was 15:02 and that was on my second mile (the first mile was still 15:16). That is 42 seconds faster for one mile distance!!!!
  • Pacing was really good: On previous runs I was all over the place, in the 15s, 16s and 17s  for each mile. Today my pacing was really good going 15:15/15:02/15:50.  The last mile was the only one that went up a steep hill, so I walked a little bit of it and still had a very strong finish.  Stayed in the range I wanted to be in and not all over the place.
  • Getting better at feeling the running pace and using terrain.  As I mature as a runner I can usually feel my body’s reaction to the pace and I speed up on down hills.  In other words I am becoming more efficient at running and I am getting faster because of the consistency.
  • Felt good except I was amazingly coughing hard at the end of the run.  I did not feel out of breath till I hit the very end and then I started coughing. Not sure of this or if it was a product of the cold.

A very good running day and a very positive way to get my final run in before my 5k.   Slowly I am getting faster, but more importantly I am getting  better as a runner and I am making better decisions while running and pacing smarter.  I am very pleased with my progress so far.  I can not wait to see what my time will be on Saturday as the course is flatter than what I usually run.  It won’t matter because the most important thing this weekend is finishing that major milestone.  Til next time.

What was your best memory or major milestone as a runner? Share in the comments.


  1. I was really smiling the first time I put together a straight 3 mile run without walking. It gave me the confidence that I could progress on to bigger goals!

    1. Two or three weeks ago I ran my first 3 miles straight. It was built on hard work I had done previously. Does make one happy.

  2. Nice… Good luck on your upcoming race and remember more than anything – just have fun!

  3. You’re pacing looks spot on. When I first started running finding my perfect pace was the hardest part for me. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. If you look at the last too weeks you will see that it has been a work in progress. Each run I have been feeling stronger on the second mile and have enough to finish the 3rd. I would say everything is starting to click. I know how and when to push the pace. It has taken effort though. Thanks

  4. Congrats! That’s a great pace!

    1. I am so close to a sub 45 minute 5k. Of course the 5k this weekend is much flatter than I run so it might help. I am very happy with the consistentsy of the times.

  5. Things are shaping up! Numbers look great to me. Good luck on your race. I bike or walk…don’t run yet. Maybe some day!

    1. If you do decide to try running I cannot stress the c25k or couch to 5k program. Do it for time to start with not distance and take your time and get through every week. I started there back in May. You can do it!

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