End of Week 23: Base 1 Phase Week 3

Pretty exciting week last week.  Because of some issues with Training Peaks and trying to get some football time and wife time in I am getting the recap done later than I wanted and have already put up my week 24 goals. Since week 24 is a recovery week I guess that is acceptable enough that I can get away with it.  I had a couple pretty good goals leading into this week, especially since it was the end of regular workouts before a recovery week.  As planned, this week should have been the final hours and effort escalation till the next phase of my planned triathlon training after the recovery week, the base 2 phase.

Week 22 was a strong week with my first distance bike ride (for me 11 miles was a good distance) as well as reaching my first 5k distance run, a personal milestone.  I was unsure how to top that, so I simply decided that I would add to week 22’s success and build upon it. I ended up with coming up short on biking distance but blowing my running distance out of the water.

Week 23 In Review: Highlights

  • Ran 3.8 miles on long run day (Up from 3.2 and was done by accident)
  • Felt like I was getting generally faster in my run.
  • Got extra meters in my swim session
  • Did not get 20 miles on the bike but had solid outings with a few things to work on.
  • Participated in a spin class and Pilates sessions
  • Finished up week strong with over 9 hours of training
  • Spent good quality time with the wife
  • Weight went up to 302 but has stabilized back near 300 – keep working on nutrition.
  • Continued to drum up support for Tour De Cure fund raising for diabetes (You have till may to make donations, click on banner below this post if you are interested).

Week 23 By The Numbers

   Last Week Goal Actual
Run (Miles) 8.45 8.75 10.2
Swim (Meters) 0 1600 1750
Bike (Miles) 11.37 20  16.08
Strength (Hours) 2 2 2
Pilates 1 1 1
Spin Class 0 1 1
Total Hours 6 8  9:19:49

Overall a great week.  Did not perform as strong on the bike as I wanted but blew the swimming and running work outs away. I also finished the base 1 phase of training out strong with a total of 9 productive hours of training where every session truly counted toward my end goal.  Hate getting this out so late, but better than never, and with this week being a recovery week I have less to post regarding my workouts and workout progress so I guess this will be good.  Later in the week I will go ahead and summarize the first three weeks f this phase of my training.  Til next time.


  1. My training times aren’t nearly as impressive but I am seeing results. I have odd goals like riding roller coasters next spring. 🙂

    1. You and I both know goals are huge!!! Riding a roller coaster sounds like a great goal. You are doing awesome and making great progress as well.

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