Week 24 Goals: Recovery Week

I usually post an end of week review on Sunday before getting my weekly goals together, but I decided to leave blogging alone for the weekend and spend some time with the wife and watching football.  So I am now playing catch  up.  I intended to post last weeks wrap up firs then this later in the day or tomorrow, well an Amazon server crash has supposedly taken my Training Peaks account offline for right now, so no pulling up last weeks data to be able to reflect.  What all this boils down to is that I am doing things backwards this week!

I can get away with this this week as this is a recovery week, so I am not basing  workouts on performance and if I had to, I would have hoped I planned it out a little bit better by Sunday night.  Recovery week basically means that I have abused my body pretty good for the last 3 weeks and it is time to reduce the load and remove really tough workouts for a week.  According to  Friel from the Triathlete’s Training Bible, when setting up a periodization based training schedule push hard for 3 weeks and always follow up with a lighter week or recovery week.  Setting the workout up this way allows me to really push myself for a few workouts for 3 weeks because on the 4th week my body and mind will have some off time to relax and recover.  Also, supposedly the recovery time is when your muscles really get a chance to grow and develop.   So, I know last week I got about 9-10 hours in, this week I will shoot for around 10 hours.

This recovery week works out perfectly for me as I am running in my first 5k this weekend, the Monster Dash in downtown Atlanta!!!  Nice thing is I can actually have rested legs for my first 5k.  Looking at the training schedule this is rarely going to be the case as 5k races are not important enough to reduce training load for them.  But for the first, I have lucked out having a recovery week right before.

The plan then is to take it easy but not let the legs get heavy.  I plan to get one easy run early in the week, then take Wednesday  and Thursday off from leg work.  Friday I will do an hour on the spin machine to get my legs stretched and warmed up a little bit without the stress of running on them.  Also, I aim to focus on stretching allot this week and using my roller to work out an sore areas that develop.

Goals For the Week

  • Get 3 swim workouts 
  • 5K Race On Saturday
  • Get a easy run early in the week
  • Watch diet as I am not working out as heavy
  • focus on stretching and using massage roller
  • hydrate continuously

Weekly Breakdown

Monday – Swim

Tuesday-Easy Run \Pilates

Wednesday -Swim



Saturday-5k Race!!! Bike later in day?

Sunday – Football!


This week it is pretty easy to break things down and set goals as I am not as busy as I usually get on normal weeks.  Can’t believe my 5k race is finally here, this will be the completion of a first milestone and goal I set back in April/May. should be a great week.  Til next time.



  1. Hey, congrats on making it to such a big milestone this weekend! Hope your training account is available soon!

    1. I am sure what you are saying makes perfect sense, but ‘Training account’ ? Sorry , mind is not in it right now. Please be patient with me tonight. 🙂

      1. Your training peaks account 😉

        1. Slap hand to forehead, yes it us back up now

  2. My football days are Saturday….. I’m more of a college football fan….. Sooner kinda guy!

  3. I am running in the Monster Dash in MN this weekend. My runner friends say the Team Ortho events have the best swag, great music, and are really well run (bad pun intended). I look fwd to comparing notes next week!

    1. What distance are you doing?

      1. I am doing the half-marathon but am not feeling ready. I am sure I will finish, but I don’t see it being an amazing race due to lack of preparation. This race is more about supporting my girlfriend in her first half-marathon though than it is about my finish time. (I am mostly saying this so when she beats me, my ego is less bruised).

        1. Cool. I am only doing the 5k distance as it will be my first one and I wanted something fun to mask my hour finish. Gonna be fun.

  4. March 3rd is right around the corner. Tick-tock, Tick-tock.
    Good luck on the 5k!

    1. I am not sweating the March 3rd date yet, I have a plan that has executed perfectly so far. I am very excited about this weekend. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

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