Saturday Bike: Another Silver Comet Foray

Click to see map and interactive view.

This was supposed to be posted Saturday, but I for some odd reason got lazy about posting this weekend.  As noted Saturday is usually my long run day so away I went back to the Silver Comet Trail again.  My goal was to go out and back maybe 20 miles.  It was a gorgeous day so the trail was super busy, which means getting any speed might be short lived as congestion does seem to happen.  Overall I felt great, got my self out there and did not forget the gloves this time.  I am still having balance issues which I am working on so I can eventually get my hands off the bars and get my water bottles, so after a few miles I decided to stop.  Unfortunately I had my first fall, I somehow forgot how to unclip one of my feet from the pedals. Luckily I landed in soft grass.

Overall I was happy to get out there and get some miles in. If you want to view the map and an interactive view of my ride click here.  One stretch of flat land I got myself up to about 18 mph without assistance of a hill.  After 7 or so miles I came to a beautiful rest stop, so I stopped there and enjoyed the scenery and breeze for a little while.  My legs felt a little sore but not too bad. Even though I  could have put more miles in, I decided 14 or so would not be a bad outing and I headed back.   The ride was good and I will have to bump up the mileage next trip.  I practiced several times just slowly removing one hand and keeping control of the bike.  I am getting the balance slowly.

Things to address:

  • Hand soreness: even though I moved my hands around a little while riding, going for 7 miles back without stop they went numb half way.  Need to keep moving them to prevent this.
  • Rear derailuer – feeling a little funny, might have to take to shop and have them take a look at it,if any thing for peace of mind.
  • One handed balance – need I say more.
  • Aim to finish 20 miles next time.

So not too many things to figure about.  The hand numbness was a little weird, but if I just keep moving my fingers a little bit and even work on taking them off of the bars it might help.  I also have a pretty week grip so I might get a flexi-grip things guitarists and rock climbers use to strengthen the hand muscles.  The legs felt good and it was good even getting into higher gears on more level sections.  The number of people on the trial was a bit of a pain, but it was a gorgeous fall day.  Til next time.



  1. While I realize that my biking is not the kind of biking you are doing…I do experience the hand grip problem. My route is about 7 miles and prior to reaching my half way mark, my hands will get numb. Usually I think it’s from gripping in the same position …circulation thing?

    1. Yeah, figured it was something like that and I might need to work on moving my hands more. Going to try that next time.

  2. Falling is part of learning. When I first started rising clipless it was the only way I knew to stop. After three falls you should get the swing of things. Water bottle issues – while you are learning so much and working on balance, you might want to consider a small camel back hydration pack. One less thing to worry about…

    1. Funny thing was, the last couple of outings no problem getting clipped and unclipped. This time, for some reason, my mind went blank and toatally forgot to tell the foot to move to unclip. It was a funny moment as my mind was running thinking well duh!! Yeah , a camel back might not be a bad idea for now while I work my issues out. Good idea.

  3. Hey Chatter,
    that hand numbness thing! It’s a B*tch. When I lived in Europe, I used to bike almost everywhere and got the same problem. I added some of those side handles that came up to my bike and alternated between using the side handles and the ones right in front. It worked like a charm. Plus, the forward side ones let you stretch your back on longer outings so your bum and coxcix don’t get so cramped up.

    If you don’t want those handles, some people rest their forearms on the handles and lean forward. It’s about the same. It doesn’t take too much getting used to. Just don’t do that when you have a lot of sharp turns to make.

    Best of luck,

  4. […] as a fall back.  To date the longest ride I had completed was a very flat 12-14 miles along the Silver Comet Trail.  When I finished my ride I had ridden twenty hilly miles and my legs were dead… but I had […]

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