The Wife Gets Her Cruise… We Both Get New Snorkel Gear!

Part of the stipulation for getting a new bike and spending money on triathlon stuff was a cruise for Mrs. Chatter.  Actually, this was in the works for a while as we try to do something for our November anniversary every year, usually some sort of get away. In the past we have greatly enjoyed cruising, so that was put in motion for next month.  While we usually do 7 day vacations, we got a good deal on a 5 day cruise with port stops in the Bahamas, Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay.

The last cruise we went on we decided to try our hand at snorkeling and I instantly fell in love.  Looking at the port of calls, every thing says Grand Turk is a snorkelers’/divers’ paradise. So both my wife and I decided that this time we were going to get our own snorkel gear, stuff that would be better than what you rent on most excursions.  The first option was to go to a dive shop and try masks on and what not. This plan got vetoed fairly quickly as we realized the price of doing it this way was exorbitant.     So we made a decision to try and order online and take a risk. We figured we were ordering with enough time to send back at least once if the fit was not correct for the mask.

After doing some research and based on my love for my Cressi Flash swim goggles we decided to with the Cressi kit with dry snorkel and shorter wide fins(they are easier to pack and travel with) and mask.  Well, this week the gear came in and so far the quality definitely stands up to what I expect from Cressi.  All materials feel strong and sturdy. The best part is the masks fit really well and we only payed half of what the local dive shops wanted.  So we lucked out and saved money going with a company we knew put care into their products.  Sunday, the wife and I will be going to our local pool to see how it all works, mainly get acquainted with the gear and make sure we are comfortable with it before getting into the ocean.  After that, we just have to wait till the end of the month, then we will be off for a week at sea!!! Til next time!




  1. Good for you and the wife!! Sounds like a great trip!

  2. I love cruising! Enjoy!

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