Last Long Run of Base 1 Phase of Training – Next Stop Recovery

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3 Weeks of running in the books and today was the final long run of my Base 1 phase of training. Next week calls for a recovery week before starting Base 2 phase of training. The last 3 weeks of running has been fantastic and I have achieved and exceeded my goals I wanted to meet for this phase, namely increasing my distance and duration ran.

First, today’s run. Friday’s runs entail a long run of increasing distance. Last week I ran 3.2 miles, so this week 3.5 miles was the goal.  One hard thing about running out doors is the unpredictability of distances  and elevation.  I started out my normal path and had a pretty good 15 min/mile pace.  The second mile was not to bad either.  At the end of the second mile heading into the third mile I decided to follow a hill down figuring it could not be that hard to climb  up.  I was wrong.   I had to walk up most of the hill as it was too steep.  Even though I had to walk that hill I still pulled out a 17 minute mile so it was not too terrible.  By the time I finished the run I had ran 3.8 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes.  Not fast, but I am happy with the distance, even though I was shooting for less initially.  Going over my expected distance and the hill climbs totally wore me out.  After a full week of work this week and two previous weeks of full work my legs are tired and are ready for a break, of course after cycling tomorrow.

Comparison Of Long Run Days For Base 1 Phase – 3 Weeks





Adjusted Pace*

Peak mile



















*This is a Training Peaks specific metric that is explained here.

Overall my distance and pace increased for the period.  I feel for my first base period I did pretty well to steadily increase the effectiveness of my long runs.  Also, each week I increased the distances I ran my easy runs and my speed workouts.  Last week I had about 8 miles of total running and this week I pulled off my first double digit week of running with a total of 10 miles.  I am pretty happy with the progress so far and believe I will be ready to at least do a sub hour run on my first 5k next weekend, especially with a strategized recovery week before hand. Til next time.

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