Today Is Thursday…Just a Few More Days To Go!

Image from Race For All 50 States

Thursday…well, not much going on this Thursday except I am sore.  Thank goodness next week is a recovery week, by this point I feel like my body needs it.  I still have a couple of workouts to go though: strength session, spin class, long run, swim workout and a long bike ride.  Then a Sunday off and a recovery week, and after three hard weeks of serious training I am looking forward to lightening my workouts for a week.

I remember when I used to just lift and build strength.  I would be sore for a week or maybe two but then that soreness would become almost unnoticeable.  Of course I pushed my lifting and my workouts every time, but I would eventually long for that soreness again even though I saw strength gains.  But, my current training is different.  It is primarily focused on pushing endurance levels, elevating the distance and time I can run, bike and swim.  This program I set up is aimed to really challenge the endurance of my muscles, pushing them to the limits.  In my entire life I have never forced my muscles to anything but get stronger, never making them able to perform for longer periods of time.  Now, I am constantly sore because I strive to push my endurance.

This workout approach at times feels more like a carefully crafted dance.  I schedule tough goal specific workouts mixed with easier workouts in three disciplines.  The schedule has to be thought out and weighed, each piece made to compliment other pieces. The end result is a giant training jig saw puzzle resulting in lasting longer and going farther,  redefining my limits of who and what I am and what I am truly capable of doing.  This dance involves planned risks at times, a requirement to achieve success.  But every move and  workout is truly choreographed ahead of time.

Since May I have worked with a plan and a definable set of goals. I know what I will consider a success: crossing the finish line at my first triathlon,participating in my first century, completing a season of triathlons and completing a 5k.  All these are clearly attainable and doable.  I want to know that when I cross the finish line I did everything possible to prepare myself for that specific moment.  Already I look back to May and I am amazed at how far I have come. I spent months building up a basic level of fitness I never had so I could get to this month where the real training started.  This month I started my trek to next March and the beginning of my first triathlon and triathlon season.  A plan filled with decisive training risks necessary to get me to my goal.  Of course I am sore and sometimes so tired, especially as I near the end of three hard weeks of training, but I know next week is a much needed recovery week and so I strive to finish this week strong and to continue to fight the fatigue of three tough training weeks.  Til next time.



  1. I hear people talk about recovery weeks but I have never tried that approach. Honestly, I’m scared of stopping a good thing. I’m such a creature of habit !

    1. It depends on how many hours of training you are pushing. With triathlon training you are doing 3 or so swim/bike/run workouts and whatever else you throw in there easily taking up 8-12 hours of training. Also, some of the workouts really are made to push the comfort limits and increase endurance. It takes a toll on the body and mind and after 3 weeks of intense training the best way to prevent burn-out is a recovery week. It just happens it is also in the same week as my first run. Note a recovery week does not mean week off, it is a reduction in stress and training hours to let the body have a little extra rest before pounding it into submission again. You are doing great on your program and the progress is showing based on your loss. Keep up what you are doing and all will be great at the finish line.

      1. thanks for the info. I’m not training to that extent, which is probably why my trainer dude hasn’t recommended such a recovery week. Maybe someday though when I am leaner and stronger…I will be brave enough to try what you are tackling.

      2. Shiella, you can do whatever you put your mind to, we both already know that is the key to this process of transforming ourselves and our lives. I probably tackled a very hard goal considering how out of shape I was when I started. You are doing great and have great intensity. One of these days I will have to do a post on recovery weeks and what they truly entail as they are an interesting side aspect of serious sport training, especially if you are pushing yourself on some workouts.

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