You Make the Word ‘Athlete’ Sound So Dirty!

Previous to May of 2012 I had a few stints lifting weights in the gym and a little bit of cardio. Primarily, I was a couch potato with very little dedication to improving my health. Sure, I wanted to be in better shape.  Sure, I did not want to be out of breath going to the mail box.  But I had very little in the way of goals or a plan. That guy, as my wife puts it, was the person she married: the man who loved TV and hobbies and watching sports but never actively being involved in them;  The man who cared for his health to where he might get motivated to eat better and work out, but in the mornings and as a smaller part of daily life, and finally not an athlete.

I admit, I get obsessed with things easily.  But, this obsession has transformed into a different way of looking at life and has required some compromise and changes. But I have goals and I know what I have to do to reach my end goal.  I have tried to involve Mrs. Chatter in the process and  bring her awesome scheduling abilities into play.  Also, I have tried to spend good quality time with my wife, when not training.  The hard part is the level of commitment I have devoted to getting myself in the best shape possible for my  first triathlon and all events following that, next year.  The funniest point in our arguments lately involves my wife throwing the phrase ‘The man I married was not an athlete’. Often I counter that technically till I do a sporting event it is not true, but I am just being facetious and I know it. The hard part is that I want to give in to her but I can’t. I have goals and right now this means to much too me.

So I have worked to include her more, share more with her about the adventure and path I am on without all the gushing technical triathlon talk.  I try to make meaningful moments together and now I think things are getting better.  Somehow I never realized how hard this change has been on her.  I also know that next year, I will have down time before I start to train for another season and I tell her this.  So things are right in the world again.  Of course, whenever we get into an argument she likes to throw the word athlete at me in an angry manner, making it sound so dirty!

Til next time.



  1. I would love to get my wife involved in fitness. I have found that this can be a challenging conversation to have and is loaded with landmines. She feels a little heavy so any conversation about fitness implies to her that I think she is fat.
    She did recently join the local gym to exercise with a friend from work, which I told her was great and I think my expression and body language said “Yeah”! It’s a start and it makes me excited and happy that she is at least thinking about fitness.

    1. That is a start. My wife and I started the Couch to 5k program together. Within a month I had set higher goals and was on a path to doing a triathlon. I have to remind myself that I have to be supportive of her fitness goals even if they are less demanding of mine. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we go to the gym together during lunch, she does eliptical machine, I do my swimming. So far it has been a very nice way to share fitness together and meet our own needs. We have been talking about taking after dinner walks, when I am not working out.

      1. Good stuff. We’re still taking our first step in this process. I’ve been running for 10 years so she probably doesn’t want to go to the gym with me. All I can do is be patient.

      2. Look at the couch to 5k program, it works pretty well if you take your time with it. Also, find something she is comfortable with. My wife did not feel very comfortable on the treadmill, but she feels good on an elliptical.

  2. Wow, I can see how that could be really frustrating. Luckily my husband is supportive, but when I try to get him to do stuff with me, he’s not as keen on it as I am.

    1. I think the hardest part was that it was so sudden and drastic of a change. Also, I usually get into something and a few months later get out of it, this has now been since may.

  3. Love the article….so funny and true. My hubby has been on me for years to start taking care of myself so we can live a long time together having fun in retirement years. Now I am weighing less and in much better shape. He keeps saying that he’s going to join my gym, but he keeps putting it off. My workouts don’t really affect him though as they happen when he’s at work. In the evenings he is always wanting to walk/hike or bike…so he really does encourage me to do the EXTRA cardio that I struggle with so bad. Now to get his butt to the gym !

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