Wednesday Hodge Podge Speed Run

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Wednesdays scheduled highlight is usually my longer swimming session.  To accommodate for the drain on my work day that the long swim has I usually do my shorter speed work running on Wednesday.   Speed work is not my favorite running activity as it usually drains and saps my leg strength fairly quickly, so I try to keep it short as possible. The last several weeks the goal for my speed work centered on fartleks or random speed intervals.  This has worked great so far, but today I changed it up a little and tried something a little different.

As I have posted before, my understanding and preferred way of performing fartleks involve random speed intervals.  These random intervals are usually set arbitrarily based on some criteria like every mail box, fence post, street sign what ever you can imagine. I have been doing mine by road entrances, which on the path I take works to give a good mix of 30 to 1 minute speed bursts. Traditionally after each speed interval I would walk for a minute or so, but I am trying to jog it out now instead.  Today I did walk, but very briefly, like seconds then I went back into a jog.  This is my usual routine so far.

Where I broke my pattern was on the second mile.  Instead of doing intervals I ended doing a version of a tempo run.  I did not plan to do this, but while I was recovering from my first mile I began to jog at a steady pace.  As I went on, I decided that I wanted to try to do a mile faster than my usual second mile pace, which is usually around 16-17 minute miles.  So I ran and found a slightly difficult pace that was just a bit uncomfortable but not an injury pace, turns out it was about 15.30 minute mile average pace.  There were several periods were I would stop and walk for a minute, but they were honestly small.  In the end I ran all but a 8th of a mile in 14:17 minutes.  I demolished that second mile.  Granted, I do not think I could have gone a third mile, my legs were toast.

But, I ran that second mile, usually my slower mile pretty fast and I got some good quality intervals in in the first mile.  I walked less after intervals this time for which I was very happy with the progression to light jogging after intervals.  Overall a pretty good speed run, even though it did end up being a bit hodge podge in the end.  Til next time.


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