Triathlon Training Base 1 Phase: Even More Gear

This post is a series of posts (first one found here, or click on ‘The Plan’ page  for all posts).  The last post I did in this series focused on some of the essential gear that I have found to be invaluable while triathlon training.  In that initial post I posted some key items that I basically could not live with out.  Due to the post length getting a little long, I kept it to a few items.  Since publishing that post, I have found a couple other gear related items that I  think is truly worth a mention.  So this is more gear that I am using for my training and cannot live without.

  1. Bike – I have only had my bike Zero for a few weeks now, but I am so glad I spent the time to purchase a good quality bike that I think I will be able to use for a long time.  This is probably the most expensive purchase when planning to do a triathlon.  I set my budget and determined what I wanted ahead of time before making my final decision.  Because I set limits and did some research I got what I wanted and I stayed in my planned budget.  What I realize now, if you have not ridden before, get something and get used to riding.  I think this is going to take me a while to get used to all the minutia involved with cycling.
  2. Cressi Flash Goggles – This is purely preference and I have seen allot of variation on what triathletes use for swimming goggles.  The best thing to do is find a store where you can try them on and find something that fits well and is comfortable.  I lucked out with these as I found them at a local dive store while I was looking for snorkeling gear.  I put them on and it was love at first try. I have tried numerous other brands and I always come back to these.  This is one of those things you might want to get more than one pair so you have a back up.  I still have not done that yet, but I will definately get another pair of these hands  down. These are super comfortabale and work really well when putting on the time in the pool.
  3. Tri-Bag – This is on my list of items you technically can live without for doing a triathlon, or so I have been told.  I have not done a triathlon yet but I realize I cannot live with out my Louis Garneu rev triathlon bag for training if for anyting else.  As a gym bag, the two shoe pockets are awesome for carting swim gear and shoes, with enough pockets and stash areas for everything needed in the gym.  When going out with a goal of biking and maybe running, or running or maybe finding an affiliated gym after biking  and/or running this bag is essential. It has a large area for a wet suit that is perfect for towel and swimsuit.  It has meshing on the back to hold a helmet.  Interior storage holds two pairs of shoes, so tennis shoes and cleats both fit and all the pockets for carying bike gloves, nutrition, and swim gear as well as a full change of clothes all fit.  I have a tendency to pack this for all conditions at all times.  Can’t wait to try this at a triathlon.  Of course what I really want to replace this with is the super expensive Ogio Endurance 9 bag. At 160 bucks its out of my price range by a long shot.  The bag I got was on a super sale and is the lower end value model. It is a ruck sack loader instead of a front loader like allot of popular brands. But I got this for a great price, it has been invaluable so far.  One funny thing though, the pack has a clip that does not attach to anything in hte middle of the bag on the part that faces the back, for the life of me I could not figure out what it was for.  Well, in looking for the above picture I found that that is used to hang the bag from the bike bar during a triathlon.
  4. Sanza Fuze – Anybody who has followed this blog for a while might have notice I do not use my phone to collect my running or biking data.  That is largely because I own a Galaxy Note, which is huge and does not easily work as a pocket computer or music player when doing physical activity.  So, I use my Timex Global Trainer  for all swim/bike/run data functions mixed with training peaks and I use my Sanza Fuze for music.  I have owned numerous Sanza products over the last several years and personally would not choose any other player. The are durable, have good sound performance and do not have lowercase ‘i’ at the beginning of the name, or requires I use a specific ‘i’ product to move music to it. And if you need more space you can buy a separate microSD card.  If you like indie music I highly recommend this monthly podcast, specifically made to be an hour long and pretty good for running and exploring new music.

That about covers my idea of the gear needed.  Of course the mp3 player is only useful during training as you will be penalized during triathlons.  All this gear I use frequently in one state or another and honestly could not live without.  Til next time.

Do you have any ‘must have’ gear?  Did I leave anything out?



  1. Be careful using that bag at Triathlon events. More and more frequently races are moving towards clean transition areas meaning no bags left in Transition. It will be great to carry stuff to a fro, but be sure to read the race brief before leaving gear.

    1. That is stupid. Good to know to look out for that. If anything ,it is perfect for multi use gym activities. I could not live without it as I go to swim, bike and/or run. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. It’s perfectly acceptable to use it at these events, but you will have to take the pack back to the car before the race begins. They have a good reason however. There is nothing worse than being put beside someone who feels they have to take up the entire bike rack with belongings, plus the transition area is crazy enough without having to deal with junk everywhere. Just be on the lookout.

  2. markwcunningham · · Reply

    Made me smile. Bought my first bike 3-1/2 years ago. Named that one “Genisis”, was a Cannondale with 105 gear. It took me to my first 100 mile ride with tennis shoes and caged pedals. Now I have “Hank” (Cervelo R3) and my newest “Ike”(Cervelo P4).

    1. Sweet bikes, love the names!!! I took one look at this bike and it immediately reminded me of Zero from Nightmare before Christmas. I posted on it a while back, but I think this bike will always have a special place in my heart. Hoping it will last a while.

  3. Do you have a race belt? This way you snap on your race number and don’t have to use safety pins. And–my little secret—put that on under your wetsuit–so it’s one less thing you have to put on at T1. 🙂

    1. A race belt, a wet suit and a tri suit are on my list of next year gear. But definitely a great suggestion and needed addition. Can or should you use a race belt for a 5k? Just curious. Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. I always like to use a race belt–it’s just easier than the pins and you can flip the number behind you so it’s not flapping on you in front. (They should be btween $5-10) Xterra usually has a great end of season sale on wetsuits $99 or $199–call them or check it out. 🙂

      2. Will do on both fronts. Good advice. I am worried about buying one now as I am still loosing some weight. But still good advice.

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