Week 23 Goals:Base 1 Phase Week 3

Two weeks down on my plan and I am halfway through my first month of  ‘The Plan’,  Seems like time is flying.  So far I have had a few set backs due to Tendinitis in my elbow, but through setting my weekly goals and tracking my outcomes I have managed to pretty much stay on track and continue pushing to my first triathlon next March.  4 1/2 months to go or 20 weeks remaining if I have my figures correct.  This is my last week of Base 1 phase before a recovery week, which I really need a week of lighter workouts after the last couple of hard pushed weeks.  Things are working out perfect schedule wise for my fist 5k that is in two weeks as I will be able to run on Monday and rest my legs a little bit before Saturday’s run.  But first I gotta get through this week’s workouts and goals before I can focus on next week and recovery.

Week 23 Goals

  • Log Nutrition
  • Continue to drive people to donate to Tour De Cure
  • Bump my run from 3.2 miles to 3.5 miles on my long run day
  • Run workouts – last week I got 8.45  miles total for the week, shoot for 8.75 total miles.
  • Bike workouts – last week got 11.37 miles.  Shoot for 20 miles.
  • Swim – last week did just drills, aim to get intensive and extensive endurance workouts in.
  • Aim for a total of 8 hours of workouts.

Week 23 Schedule

Monday: Easy Run/Drill and Speed swim/Bike Ride on Silver Comet

Tuesday: Weight lifting/Pillates

Wednesday: Speed Run/Endurance Swim

Thursday: Weight Lifting/Spin Class

Friday: Long run/Endurance Swim

Saturday: Long Bike ride

Sunday: Recovery


Pretty busy week, but this week will be followed by a simpler recovery week.  The goal is to increase last weeks numbers and head into the recovery week strong.  Looking forward to seeing  how this week plays out.  Should be fun. Til next week.


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