End of week 22: Base 1 Phase Week 2

Week two of my base 1 phase of training periodization in the books.  While I had to reduce some workouts to let my right elbow tendinitis heal, I still had some break through workouts and a very productive week.  Another week closer to my first triathlon next year, things are coming together.

The elbow tendinitis limited some of my workouts this week. Primarily my lifting sessions, swimming and early week biking.  I continued with my work out sessions but removed any upper body activity that would put stress on my injured arm.  Initially I had decided to lay off of swimming as i was worried the repeated motion of a swim stroke would put too much stress on the elbow. Later in the week, I started to work through basic swim drills.  By the end of the week the elbow felt better and I went for a small bike ride.  The focus was on getting the elbow healed and ready for workouts.

Stopping point along the Silver Comet Trail Georgia.

This week I went for ride for the first time on my bike Zero.  I went out on the Silver Comet Trail and got about 11 miles for the day. I had some issues with my chain jumping and my cleat came loose.  Also I forgot my gloves and had hand soreness for hours.  Overall I got a great ride in and I think I am getting addicted to road bike riding.  One hard thing was dealing with legs sore from running the day before.

One of the biggest moments for me this week was running my longest distance to date, I finally ran a 5k or 3.2 miles.  Granted, it took me 55 minutes to do it, but I finished it.  I realize the biggest issue I have is one of endurance.  Swimming, my arms tire quickly.  Running, my legs get tired much faster than my lungs or heart give out.  Biking, my legs get tired really fast.  Endurance is a big factor I am going to have to place as a serious priority for the remaining five months of training.  I believe the plan I have put in motion focuses on this, I just have to push past a level of comfort I am accustomed to, but not too far to lead to injury.

The Week In Review

  • Ran a 5k this week
  • Got some bike time in with 11 miles
  • When riding my bike overcame my chain coming off and cleat getting loose.
  • Got 2 lifting sessions in focusing on lower body
  • Ate fairly good to really good most of week
  • Did not do spin or Pilates to let elbow heal
  • On my easy run – ran a mile in 15:45 which was a minute less than previous mile record
  • Got my Diabetes Tour De Cure fundraiser kicked off and started.

Week By the Numbers


  • Swim – 0 Focused on drills to let elbow recover
  • Run – 8.45 miles including warm up and cool down (Up form 4.76 hours last week)
  • Bike -11.37 miles (up from 4.65 miles last week)


  • Swim – 1 hour
  • Bike – 1 hour
  • Run – 2.38 hours (Up from 1.36 hours)
  • Pilates – 0
  • Strength – 1.3 hours
  • Total – 6.07 hours

Notice that the total is down almost by an entire hour.  But this is due to the removal of spin, pilates and some of the weight lifting routine.  The run hours were up because I only got 2 sessions in last week and got the full 3 sessions in this week.  Also, the bike time is down but the mileage up as I spent more time riding and less time practicing and working out issues and practicing clipping.  So overall a good week, got a faster 1 mile, and broke my distance to finally doing a 5k distance.  Also, I found another great place to get out and ride my bike.  Elbow is still a bit tender, but getting better, so I will be resuming some of my activities next week.  So a good week overall, if my elbow heals up more the hours will increase, but the mileage is going up as well. Here is to another good week.  Til next week.


  1. You seem very focused going into a new week…that it always good! Endurance is difficult, For me I wonder if it is because I still have so much extra weight on me. I try and workout as though I’m already at goal and sometimes my body has to nudge me and say….listen woman, you still have 78 extra pounds on your bones. Have a great week. Stay strong Chat.

    1. I think whats hard with endurance is that our bodies try to convince us they are done, kaput, no more. Yet there is often a little bit more in the tank. I have to be focused right now I am specific time training for my triathlon in March. You stay strong too shiella.

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