1. I’ve read about several bloggers using Silver Comet for the training and I have to say I’m so impressed (and jealous) of the trail! Its great that the community supports that. Sounds like it was an overall great day…enjoy!

    1. Thank you. It was great. I plan on getting some more time on that trail.

  2. Do you have a Triple Chain Ring?

    1. No, it is a double compact chain ring. Specifically it is a FSA Gossamer compact chain ring. Thoughts?

  3. Well I was trying to understand your chain issues. I’m pretty sure my Allez has a double chain ring, but its a Truvative. I love the versatility of the double compact. Looking to upgrade to at least 105 specs a little later on. As far as your chains concerned, do you have a clue why its jumping? One thing I can say is my girlfriends bike had a problem with her chain jumping off at the crank. Took it into the shop and they said the front derailleur was too high. Might be something you would want to check.

    1. It happened once and then never again. I was thinking it might be an issue of them possibly not having the rear deraileur set right. After I got it set it was fine. It might just need an adjustment. The store will look at it and fix it for me without a problem.

    1. Going for a group ride tonight, so it should be interesting to see how it behaves. At least I know I will be riding with some technical people.

  4. Right. Most times I’ve been to a group ride they have a mechanic there to help with questions or concerns. Maybe this ride will be the same.

  5. […] easy run came after a Sunday off, Saturday bike ride (read here) and a 5k run on Friday(read here).  So even though I had worked them hard the previous two days, […]

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