My First 5k Distance Run

Click image to go to interactive version and for more details.

This morning I ran my first 5k distance run ever!  Since I started this little adventure I initially had focused on running 30 minutes first. Then I started to work on my mileage and got myself up to 2.66 miles last week.  I had decided, as I am running a 5k in a couple of weeks I needed to run one or two before then.  So, one of my goals for this week was to run a 5k for my long run of the week.  Well, I did it in just under an hour at 55 minutes on a path that was hilly in some places and flat in others.  Yes it is slow, but I still was able to run the distance.

Since I set this goal for my long run, I have been focused on it.  Going to bed I would be thinking of the path I would take and what it would take to complete the distance. I can not quite explain it, but I have been fixated on this distance all week.  So this morning I got up at 5AM and ate my normal breakfast and mozied out the door.  The first 2 miles were not that bad.  I knew I could get a faster mile pace but I wanted to have extra in the tank so my first mile was completed in 16:37 minute/mile followed by 17:23 and 17:39 pace for the other two miles.  Not my fastest miles but I just wanted to get through it and finish.  My heart rate stayed steady around 140-150 range.  When I got to 2.5 miles is when I really started to feel my legs, they suddenly got heavy and thick, but my lungs felt good and I was able to push past this point and finis the mileage.

Obviously I have some endurance work to do, but a great achievement just to finally get my long run to this point.  Now I just want to get it into the sub 45 minute range.  Til next time.



    1. Thanks,now if I can just start to get that time down 🙂

      1. 1000kmstowindermere · · Reply

        It all comes in stages. Take some time to congratulate yourself on completing the 5k (and repeating the success) before you get too worried with the time.

      2. Just keeping my eye on my next goal. I am very ecstatic about hitting this mile stone.

  1. Sounds like a good run. You’ll get faster! Your charts are really cool…great way to track things and know what’s going on.

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