Triathlon Training Base 1 Phase: The Bike

Yesterday I  continued my series of posts outlining my next four weeks of planned periodization training. The goal of this series is to identify my specific target goals and outline my strengths and weakness for each area of training.  I aim to specifically share my training goals and intentions to help identify what I desire to accomplish at the end of the planned phase.  As I mentioned previously, the focus of this phase rests heavily in improving endurance with some work on speed, mainly on improving form.   Since I have put together a couple of these posts now, I decided to create a base page in the menu dubbed ‘The Plan’ so previous posts can be read if so desired.  Today I wanted to focus on my preparations for the bike leg of triathlon training.

The original plan was to wait till January to buy a bike and start riding it.  Well, luckily my local store offered 6 months same as cash financing and I went ahead and purchased a bike earlier than original anticipated (Details can be found here).  This has worked out as I now realize that cycling is going to take more than a few months of work. Luckily, sprint triathlons really only require about 14 miles of riding.  But, it is still the longest leg of the triathlon.

Also, recently I decided to commit to the Tour De Cure and shooting to complete a century.  This is a great cause to raise money for diabetes founded by the American Diabetes Association, so please consider donating, just click either the banner at the bottom of this post or the one on my navigation bar.  A century in cycling is a 100 miles.  I am uncertain if I can actually finish that distance, but there is no harm in trying.  This event is an event and not a  race.  Its a way for me to take my new found fitness and give back to the community and to something I am afflicted with personally. So I will need to train beyond my miles needed for a triathlon.

The bike workouts are fairly simple for this period.  Early in the week I will be doing a beginners group ride, this is usually on flat terrain and not allot of miles.  I will continue to do spin class once a week as its a great class for building power and developing riding skills.  I know now that pedals almost feel effortless, but I am not buying 2 sets of shoes and cleats to support the shimano spd style pedals the spin class uses.  Lastly, I am going to aim adding in a long ride each week. Initially the long ride will be under 20 miles, but each week I will aim to increase the total long miles by 5 -10 miles.

I have 5 months to get my legs ready for 14 miles for my first triathlon and 6 to get my legs ready to ride possibly 100 miles.  Should be fun!  Til next time.


  1. It’s a very good thing you got Zero early! The extra things I add to my goals are difficult to accomplish, but the important things are never skipped. It’s Life now. Have you thought long term about another race or goal after the date for the big Tri? I’m still probably 12 months from meeting goal…but I will have to have new goals after that point..can’t EVER go back. You’re doing great Chatter!

    1. I actually have my race season mapped out into next October. In April I plan on doing a super sprint when I go to alabama for the yearly company meeting and then a week later another regular sprint triathlon. I have other events planned for the summer as well and the ‘Plan’ reflects that. I also added the diabetes fund raiser and 100 mile ride next May. Thanks for the encouragement.

      1. ichoosetolivestronger · · Reply

        i should pay more attention. 🙂

      2. sheila, you are fine, I get a little whinded and have these weeks where I am a posting wellspring. I guess it can be hard to keep track of it all. 🙂

  2. trikatykid · · Reply

    Starting your long rides under “20 hours” sounds good. Lol. I hope you meant “miles”. Enjoy. I love the bike!

    1. Yes, I fixed it, good catch. Thanks.

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