Speed Run Day: Variable Interval Run

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Wednesday’s for me are usually my speed workout days for running and swimming.  Unfortunately, I am still nursing a bit of elbow tendinitis so I have reduced allot of my upper body and arm motion workouts.  My swim workout on Monday and Pilates work out last night were removed from this week’s plan to let the elbow heal.  My strength workout yesterday was reduced to squats, leg exercises and box jumps.  But the one thing that I have been able to focus and strive to get better was my running program.  

On my Monday run I had bumped up my 1 mile best pace by a whole minute without out trying.  Today’s agenda called for speed work, fartleks in particular. A fellow blogger and poster had turned me onto these types of workouts as they have few rules, just work on running faster at a predesignated indicator.  I decided that I would do mine by subdivision entrances and in an area with very few of these drive ways. So it worked like this: As I jogged I would go past a subdivision, at that point I would increase my pace and keep that going till I ran across another subdivision entrance, at which time I would slow down till the next entrance.  Historically I would walk in the recovery legs, but I tried to recover while jogging at a very slow pace and tried to reduce walking recovery.  The good thing about choosing the type of designator or interval starting/stopping points was that at times on the run my intervals would be a minute or so long and at other time they were smaller 30 second sprints, providing a varied speed workout.  This proved to be an interesting workout that I will repeat again.   I got some good speed work in and now I am looking forward to Friday where I am going to see what my 5k time will be.  I might run these on my long run days till my first run in 2 weeks.  

I am going to do some swim drills this evening, without using or stressing my injured elbow.  I am glad someone suggested some drill work I could do till it gets better. I should have thought of these, but sometimes it helps to have someone face you in the right direction.  So a great run today with some good speed legs.  Next fartlek session I might try something wacky like base my run based on frequency of incoming cars, who knows.  Got a little irked with my watch today as it did not keep elevation data correctly and sputtered a little bit during use. Hopefully it will not do that during my long run.  Til next time.


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