Starting the New Week Off Right

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While I heal up my injured arm, I can still focus on cardio and running.  That is what I did Monday morning and it was a beauty.  Monday morning workouts are usually an easy run or recovery run, so the idea is slow and simple and just run. Well this morning that is what I did and I managed to beat my personal record for my morning course.  I went from my best 1 mile being 16:50 to 15:45 this morning!  I could not believe the time difference.  Same path I almost always run these days, but a much better time.  I am unsure if it is the strength and plyometric training or the new found miles on the bike.  I could tell I was running a little heavier as my lungs were a little heavy, but I was not out of breath.    So a great run and a great way to finish off a Monday.  I do not know if anybody is aware of this, but if you want to for some odd reason see more details of my run or want an interactive version with a map click the image to go to the public page. Its actually pretty cool what this program includes for the public display of data page to have functionality wise.  I cannot wait to start swimming again, which thanks to some comments I might start doing some suggested drill work tomorrow.

The elbow is feeling better, just icing it allot and keeping up with the ant-inflammatory medications.  The funny thing is that my wife keeps telling me that if I want to train like a serious athlete, injuries have to be handled like a serious athlete!!!  Too funny.  Cant’t heal up soon enough.  Overall a great run this morning with amazing results.  Tomorrow is a lower body lifting and plyometric session.  I should also be publishing some more articles on other aspects of ‘the plan’, I guess for my benefit, but to also inform about how I am approaching my training.  If you can please share my ‘Tour De Cure’ fundrasing site with people you know or on your blogs, as this is a really good cause that I believe is worth a few dollars.  When I get paid tomorrow I will be donating and I hope to get this going.  I believe we can all do our parts and we can help fund the fight against diabetes, so please share it on your blog and/or with people you know and give me a hand to reach my goal.  Til next time.


  1. Congrats on the solid run and new PR. Workout PR’s are a great reward for all the effort and hard work you’ve put in.

    1. I almost fell over when my watch recorded the lap time. It was great, a definite sign of hard work paying off. Thanks IowaTriBob. Gotta keep strong with less than five months to go.

  2. Bummer about your arm. Set backs really stink. Sounds like you have a very caring and special wife. Good for her for making such a great point about your injury. ha 🙂

    1. She was also doing it following an argument about missing her Couch potato husband who now want to be an athlete. Its something we are working through, but my drive and aim has been a sore spot lately. Been tempted to blog it as some of the arguments sound pretty hilarious out loud. The arm is a small setback, just a couple of missed swim workouts. Thanks for the support.

      1. ichoosetolivestronger · · Reply

        Well…I may understand her side more than you realize then. My hubby just finished up a 7 week semester of a full-time school load while also working a 40 hour a week job. I’ve quickly become an adult student’s widow. You do have to find a good balance. We are trying to work things out where we have more time together, but honestly, I really have to be willing to GIVE up time with him because this is important to him. I’ve been so supportive of him going back to school and now it’s time for me to prove that support. It’s not easy though.

  3. I hear you and my wife and I have discussed it. She understands this is of utmost importance to me. I think initially she thought it would be like most things I get obsessive about and I would one day no longer have interest. But when weeks became months, the realization changed. Now we are working on compromise as much as possible without giving up what needs to be done to achieve my goal. I am trying to make that our goal as much as possible. She is helping me with fund raising for my bike ride for diabetes so that is good.

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