Week 22 Goals – Base 1 Phase Week 2

I am officially starting the second week of my planned training schedule leading up to my first triathlon in 4 3/4  months away, or 21 weeks!!!  I try to always remind myself what I am working towards or the end goal.  When I woke up this morning I felt like sitting on the couch, whiling away the morning watching recorded television, but I got my but out the door by focusing on what I why I was getting up early and going running.  Always keeping my eye towards the goal, the one moment it all is justified, the hours training, injuries, relationship hardships caused from ‘the schedule’ and everything else serious athletic training entails.  I know when I get to my first triathlon I will be happy that I properly and seriously trained for the event.  It should be more enjoyable as I should be in the best shape of my life.  My goals this week are simple extensions of last weeks, just increased in duration and/or time.  As I  heal up my elbow, I will remove Pilates, swimming and upper body work outs and biking to reduce additional or long term injury. So this week will be easier for the upper body.

Week 22 Gaols

  • Log my Nutrition
  • 3 Mile long run up from 2.6
  • Possibly Get a descent distance bike ride at end of week depending on condition of elbow tendinitis.
  • Attend free clinic on Rear Derailleur maintenance.
  • Bump running up from 4.76 to 5 miles this week

Week 22 Schedule

Monday – Easy Run

Tuesday – Lower body workout

Wednesday – Speed run / arm and elbow stretches

Thursday-Lower body workout

Friday – Run and possibly swim and possibly bike based on how elbow feels and wife/training medic thinks it has healed.

Saturday – If elbow is ok, Silver Comet ride maybe 10 or so miles

Sunday – Easy day, if arm is good, easy 25 meter swimming.


As stated I am not doing several normal components of my workouts and I am not going to focus too much on total hours this week. I do plan to increase the run distance though and plan to do some solid run workouts.  What are your weekly goals? Til next time.



  1. Goals look great ! Just the fact that you are taking time to MAKE them is a great thing. My goals this week mirror last week. Inside my gym days though and my off days of just cardio…I do increase my reps or weights…distance. This week for me includes 4 gym days, 1 zumba workout, 2 bike rides, 2 double cardio off days and hopefully something extra with cardio on my 4 gym days. And stay on my food plan! My weeks are such a habit now…weekends are my enemy. This past weekend I did good…but too many salty meats. Here’s to a GREAT week !

    1. Yes, here is to a great week. I always set goals, but you and a couple of other blogs have really made me stick to them and use them to my advantage. As I have a very specific goal at the end of this 5 month period (into the end of summer too but that is a different phase) I set desire specific goals that will help me to achieve the end I want. You are doing well also, keep it up. You motivate me!

  2. Sorry to hear about your elbow tendinitis but glad you aren’t letting it derail you. There is some stuff you can try in the pool though – like keeping your arms glued to your side and kicking on your back. I’d have you do dolphin or flutter if I were coaching you – with or without fins. You can also kick on your side with the good arm extended and the injured one on your side. You can also vertical kick in the diving well. Let me know if you want other suggestions. There are ways to work around this in the pool. Here’s a short example of the type of workout you could try:

    200 dolph kick on back warm up, 4 x 100s flutter kick on back hold 80% effort with :30 rest, 4 x 25s dolphin kick on back fast with as much rest as you need. 1 x 50 easy kick on side. In the diving well, 3 rounds of 1 x :45 flutter kick with hands at side and head above water, 3 x :15 bursts of flutter kick with head and wrist on good arm above water and other arm at side.

    1. Good idea, I’ll have to do that Wednesday. Thank you

      1. I hope these ideas work for ya! Depending on your elbow, you can try kicking with a board too. Let me know how it goes!

      2. Incorporating them in tomorrows work out, look forward to trying them out. Thanks for the suggestions. The elbow is feeling better, but I am trying to give it time to fully heal and not re-injure it. Allot of these are similar to the Total Immersion drills I have been doing, so it works awesomely. As I said thanks!!!

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