I Am Riding For Diabetes

I am not sure I have mentioned it before, but I am currently a type 2 diabetic.  I was diagnosed in 2009 after taking  prednesone,a steroid to assist curing my Bells Palsy, a deadening of the nerve endings that imitates stroke symptoms by making half the face immobile.  Prednesone is historically known to raise blood pressure and can push pre-diabetics into a diabetic range.  Nasty stuff.  The doctor did not check my diabetes potential before giving me the medication and years later I still have to suffer through the side effects of that nasty drug and my bad habits.  Fast forward to  today.  If  you read this blog you will be familiar with the struggles I have endured as I have challenged myself to get healthier and to take charge of my health.  Since I started triathlon training and shooting for my first triathlon next year my sugar levels have gotten lower and more manageable.  While I have done allot for myself, I recently became aware of an opportunity to help others through my new found fitness.

I plan to ride in the Tour De Cure –  Atlanta , next May.  My personal donation/fundraising page can be found here, or click on the image at the bottom of the page or on any page click on the image on my navigation bar. This is a national level cycling event to raise money and awareness for Diabetes and research.  It works pretty simple, each participant is given a site and they set a goal they want to raise before the start of the event.  Then they further do their part and ride in the event, based on their chosen distance.  No exchanging dollars for miles, just click and donate.  Its really simple and easy.  Also, its easy to share as all you have to do is pass around my fundraising web site, which I have updated with a photo or two and a message.  There are easy buttons to donate 5 dollars or more to my fundraising efforts.  And then share it with people you know. Its a great cause and effects probably numerous people you personally know.  Pleas pass this URL to your friends and anybody you know who would want to help raise money to fund Diabetes research: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/avanwierenATL .

I wanted to keep my goal simple but challenging.  Instead of opting for the super simple 500$ I decided I could ramp that up to 1000$ and with anybody who reads my blog, family, friends, associates and coworkers  I should be able to meet that goal. So if you read my blog, I ask you to consider donating and passing my website and fundraising story along and share it with people you know.  This is truly a way I can take my new found fitness and use it for a greater good.  All donations are tax deductible and some companies match donations.  I think we can exceed this amount and truly help a great cause.

I honestly hate asking for money and raising money, but I believe this cause is super important and worth raising money and riding my bike.  I am shooting high for myself as well, I am aiming to do a century or 100 mile ride on May 19th Tour De Cure.  I am now training to do the mileage and I am super excited to make this the first 100 mile or century ride I have ever done.

Please help support this very important cause and thank you for your support. Til next time.



  1. isaac976 · · Reply

    I am going to reblogged this.. If thats ok with you..


    1. That would be awesome!!! I am trying to get a head start on this. I know it is still early, since next May seems so far away, but I would rather get things rolling sooner than later, and its a great cause and organization. Thank You very much for your support Isaac!

      1. isaac976 · · Reply

        Anything for a cause my friend. you have a good one mate


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    Please do your cause.. Donate to the Tour de Cure

  3. […] recently I decided to commit to the Tour De Cure and shooting to complete a century.  This is a great cause to raise money for diabetes founded by […]

  4. […] most of you know from my previous post I have resigned myself to riding a century bike event for a diabetes fundraiser, the Tour De Cure. […]

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    My blogging friend, Chatter, is riding to fight diabetes. Please read his entry about his journey to fight this disease and if you’re interested, please join in with support. My dad has diabetes and MY personal journey to “choose to live stronger” … will hopefully keep myself from dealing with this difficult disease. Thanks for considering. Sheila

    1. Thank you Sheila you are awesome. Lets get the word out!!! I cannot thank you enough for helping me to support such a great cause. Lets do this.

      1. It’s the least I can do. You’ve been such a great encouragement. It’s also in my family and is in my future too if I don’t change my life. You’re very welcome. I wish you all the best…and yes, Let’s DO this.

  6. Wow, so, so cool! I’ve always wanted to do a charity ride, and it’s great you found a cause that hits close to home. Looking forward to reading about your training.

    1. Thank You. Feel free to repost any of the fund raising related articles to help spread the word. There is months to go, but I really want to get this going.

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