End of Week 21 and First week of Base 1 Phase

I have now officially completed the first week of the ‘Plan’‘s outlined base 1 week 1.  With only 5 months to go till my first triathlon,  and entering the planned phase of my training, things have suddenly become very real.  The muscles are sorer, the mileage more specific, the goals very tight and unlike previous weeks the numbers mean more this time.  They all have been laid out and put together to get me ready for my first triathlon and a season of triathlons.  When my body starts to ache and complain I have to seriously look deep and honestly assess if I can go one more mile or lap or whatever or if my body really is ready to call it quits for the day.  Often I find I can go just a bit further.  When this happens I occasionally have to adjust and do something different the following day to give a little extra rest.  Sometimes this whole thing feels like a big juggling act.  The schedule I put together (with the wife’s help who has come to hate the ‘schedule’) is composed of hard long workouts at the end of the week with short speed workouts at the beginning.  Hard and difficult followed by easy and recovery, tons of stretching.    Every workout has a goal or purpose, never a aimless workout or trip to the gym and/or the pool.

Looking back at this week it has been good but difficult.  Coming back from the doctor forced month hiatus, I have lost a little bit of the built up endurance I had fought so hard to achieve.  Also, my body aches and soreness spreads through every muscle and screams out of every pore.  In future weeks I will look back at this post and realize how much I miss the ache of the muscles as the body and mind adapt to the training again. I know this as I  have been here before in my previous months training.  Fortunately, even though I lost a month, I still feel strong, my lungs still fill easily with air and my legs spring to run on every step.

The week in review 

  • Got 1 Weight Session in, removed second to allow over sore muscles to recover an extra day before long run.
  • 2.6 mile long run this week.  Want to bump this to 3 miles
  • Registered for 2 5k runs, first 5k run at end of month!!!
  • Signed up for Century ride to raise money for diabetes research (more on this in a post next week)
  • Continued to attend Pilates once a week.
  • Bike setup and starting to ride.
  • Logged most of my nutrition

The Week By the Numbers


  • Swim – 1425 meters (Did not count any easy  recovery 25 meters or drill meters)
  • run – 4.76 miles (includes small warm up amount)
  • bike – 4.65 miles


  • Swim – 1:52:08 Hours
  • Run – 1:36 Hours
  • Bike – 1:26:50 Hours
  • Strength – 45 minutes
  • Pilates – 1 hour
  • Total Hours 6:40:13 hours of training not including rest and recovery hours.

A pretty busy week!  A good start so far to my overall plan and definitely  a good solid base to build on.  I will  use this as a base for setting next weeks goals in my Monday goal setting post. Not sure how my tendinitis will affect some aspects of my training.  Also, I will be posting more about my training program as I have only covered an area or two of my training plan.   Til next time.



  1. Keep up the great work! I noticed in your pictures with Zero you are looking fitter!!

    1. Its a slow progress. Thank you.

  2. Those are very exciting things accomplished! Sore is good..pain is bad..but sore is still uncomfortable. Hang in there and stay strong.

  3. Great first full week back and I’m sure it will come back quickly and you’ll be ahead again before you know it.

    1. Thank you. The current elbow tendinitis does not help, but I will heal up and get back at it.

  4. Hey Chatter I love hearing how your training is going, Who does your plan? Did you get it off a website or did someone do it for you. How do you know when to do what exercise on what days/weeks. I find I just get up and do what I feel like doing on the day, ie weights, run, swim or cycle or nothing. What distances is your first event? I just did my first Tri on the weekend 300m swim, 9k cycle and 3k run, was hard but fun.

    1. I have blogged about it last week, but I based it off Joel friel’s triathlon training Bible. A good training guide.

      1. Hmmm I only get your email update once a week but obviously you blog way more than that so I was missing some of your posts, will go back and read them, thanks for the tips.

        1. No biggie, that book is great as he explains allot about how to set up a program and why you need to do some things.

      2. I get a little long some weeks so sorry about that. Here is the post I was referring to https://chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/triathlon-training-plan-base-1-phase-the-plan/ , I think I do a pretty good job of breaking down the way I set up this plan. Most plans are for a month or two out and I realized I needed more time, so I used the Friel Bible. Good luck.

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