First Time On The Road From Sosebee Cycling Park… Heaven

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I finally got on real asphalt and put down some rubber today.  It was nothing great, just a few short out and backs to figure some things out and to get out and start riding.  The small course I chose had a hill and only stretched out for about a mile or so.  Also, very few cars were present, so if I weaved all over the road, I was in little danger of getting splattered into the pavement. I did not go very far or very long, just worked on getting used to switching gears and riding form. It was a blast.  I managed to get 23 mph max on my downhill stints.  At first I had some wobble, but this straightened out eventually.  The funniest moments occurred while I was figuring out how to ‘clip in’ while moving. I eventually got the hang of it, but one terrifying moment I was afraid I was going to go into a ditch while I figured it out.  The cool thing was all the people at the parking lot (it was very busy) were very friendly and more than a few offered for me to join them and their group.  Next week I am looking forward to trying more miles and a loop, now that I have my legs under me and have figured some of the finer points out.

 One of the best parts of the morning was discovering Sosebee Cycling Park , an awesome independently funded cycling park  just minutes from my mother-in-laws house in Cartersville/Ridell Georgia.   As I am new to cycling I am uncertain of how common places like this are, but this was truly an awesome place.  What I gathered is this used to be a horse farm.  Now it is an awesome starting point for various routes through the Ridell country side.  It contains a gravel drive and lots of room for cars to park.  There are really nice shaded picnic tables and a grill or two.  Besides relaxation amenities there is a nice set of changing rooms, port a pot, water spout and bike bars to hang your bike. The routes and local biking information is posted on a big board and the place is amazingly well manicured.  I loved this place, it felt allot like some the Appalachian Trail trail heads.  Leaving the park on your bike, Sosebee has identified various length routes which are identified on the road to indicate the path.  Over all this place is awesome and it is right down the road from my mother in laws.

After my ride I went and helped the mother-in-law with some manual labor that had my muscles and legs complaining.  Some how I managed to get tendinitis in my elbow. It is painful but not something to knock me out. Overall a really great day, I can’t wait to ride again and know it will be soon. Til next time.

I did not get a good picture of it, but behind the portapotty is a really nice changing rooms building with doors and everything.

Mapped routes.

Very noticeable from the main road.



  1. What a great park! I know there are plenty of parks with mountain bike trails, but I don’t know of any with an extensive paved path system for road bikes…Congratulations on figuring out how to clip in (and out, I hope!) of your pedals.

    1. The paths are the local roads, most of the paths were created from existing longer rides stemming from the local budweiser plant which is friendly to cyclists. From what I understand, the people that created the park realized there needed a place to rest and start bike rides.

  2. …And take care of that tendinitis. I had tendinitis in my elbow a year ago and didn’t take care of it and it progressively got much worse.

    1. Its hard but I am working on it.

  3. Looks like an amazing place to ride! Maybe someday I will own a phone that takes decent pictures. My Ipad takes good ones but I can’t haul it easily with me on biking and walking workouts. It is a pain to use a camera and then have to load them up twice by the time they’re posted. Glad you didn’t wipe out while figuring things out on Zero. I still take my bike off the road sometimes because of getting nervous when a car drives past me…but I am learning how to keep control and get it back on the road without stopping and getting off the bike.

    1. It is a bit unnerving riding on the road, I so agree. It helped there were allot of friendly riders available.

    2. Actually my phone its sized between a tablet and a phone and is actually too large, barely fits in my seat bag. A Samsung note is a bit big.

  4. […] I have grown stronger and I guess more stubborn.  After two hours of recovery I ventured off for Sosebee Bike Parking lot and to complete twenty road miles  of laid out road routes.  As I set out on my twenty mile […]

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