Another Run in the Books and Zero and I Get Acquainted

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Since I have bought my bike, zero, life happened. I lost an entire Saturday to family involvements and Sunday to Football. The weekdays, work and my normal training schedule.  Finally last night I got around to getting the cleats set up and I positioned the bike between the ends of my couches so I could practice clipping in and out of the pedals and have a soft place to land. I pretty much got the hang of it after about 40 minutes or so and I did not break my neck or any other body part.  Now I am ready to go for a ride this weekend. 

This morning I went for my long run of the week. This used to fall on Saturday but with football on Sunday and bike riding on Saturday I had to move the long runs to Saturday with Sunday as a recovery day. For me a long run is about an hour and is about 2.6  miles.  I have a very slow pace, I know.  So I had to get up at 5:30 this morning, to compensate for the longer run, compared to my normal 6 AM wakeup time.  My legs were still sore from earlier work, being off for a month reduced my ability to not notice the soreness as bad.  This will get back to normal in due time.  Overall the run was not bad, I completed the first mile in 16:50 minutes, and the second 17 minutes.  I want to get faster and will have to just keep working to improve distance and endurance of my leg muscles.

One of the funny things about running is the barriers your mind places.  You run 30 minutes for the first time and your mind sets that as the limit. So when you are running it starts to complain when the run goes past 30 minutes.  There is a constant bantering in my head about how tired my body is and how it does not want to go on, but your mind plays tricks on you and often once you pass the barrier you find you may be tired, but the effort is doable.  Its really a matter of learning to tell when you mind and body are being truthful or false.  Its amazing what our bodies can achieve but also how our minds can deceive us.  I love pushing it beyond that barrier, the runners high is amazing.

Next week I will get 3 miles in.  It might be a very slow 1 hour to complete that 5k, but it will be completed and then I can start to extend into new territory. Til next time.

Hate this shirt, its an athletic fit 2x and fits similar to my old 3x shirts. Love the definition in the arms though!


  1. Hello Zero! Great looking bike and your arms do look strong ! Your pace can only increase from this point. This inspires me to have hub take a picture or two for me and maybe even with my bike with “no name”.

  2. Thank you. Some of the arms were remnants from my archaeology days, but the veins and muscles popping is fairly new. Tomorrow is the first day I see how far I can go.

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