Eggs Are Killing Me

Eggs are great sources of protein, often the weight lifters and dieters friend.  I guess they are no friend of mine.  For years I have eaten eggs without the yolk in various forms while dieting and lifting weights.  I have never really liked the taste, but the value in my nutrition was worthwhile.  I usually added cheese or salsa to increase the flavor.  I have been able to eat eggs in omelets (with lots of stuff in them) and scrambled with cheese without any problems.  So, while I have never been fond of the taste in particular, eggs have always been a part of my nutritional strategy.  Till the last couple of months….

A couple of weeks ago my wife decided to make scotch eggs (boiled eggs wrapped in breakfast sausage and baked or fried).  I have never been a fan of hard boiled eggs, but did try one.  While it did not taste that bad, within 10 minutes I felt like violently vomiting and my stomach felt like it had repeatedly been punched.  This extreme stomach pain and discomfort lasted for about half an hour.  Today, my wife decided to make us some hash browns and scrambled egg with cheese (I love this combo).  I ate it down and thought nothing of my last egg-sperience.  Within minutes my stomach started to feel really bad, and if it was not for the fact I ate the hash browns last, I would want to vomit.

So I have no clue what the heck is going on.  All of a sudden my body has decided to wage war against eggs.  Both meals were made with different egg companies and both were cage free, grain fed eggs.  This sorta limits my breakfasts in some ways and stinks as I was enjoying the occasional scrambled egg with cheese every so often.  I  have no clue what is going on with this reaction though.  Maybe it is in combination with the blood pressure/diabetes meds or maybe I have developed a new allergy.  Hopefully all will be better soon and I can get ready to go ride tonight.  Til next time.



  1. Maybe try egg whites to see if its the yolk or the white that’s the problem. Not fun, good luck!

    1. Good idea. I usually eat a 1 yolk to 3 egg combination. Maybe it is the yolk. Not fun at all. They tasted so good too.

  2. Yikes! I do know people who develop food allergies out of the blue into their middle years and even later. It’s unlikely there was a contaminant in the eggs if they came from different places. Does your wife make sure they aren’t cracked before using them? of course she does!

    1. Yeah, she also does the float/sink test on the eggs. It was just so sudden. I swear it was just a month or two ago when I had no troubles.

  3. Well stink ! This is indeed bad news. I agree, try the no yolk approach. My breakfast choices would be very narrowed without the eggs. Hope you figure things out soon.

  4. I had that exact same thing happen when I was about 21. It was so odd! I didn’t eat any eggs for a while (about six months) and then bravely tried one again and was fine. Maybe I just needed a break from them or something…

    I don’t know. I never saw a doctor about it so I can’t really tell you what it was. I can tell you, you might go back to normal.

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