Getting my Legs Under Me

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Today I got back out and ran for the first time in over a month.  You know what.. it felt good.  I never thought I would see the day that I would be excited to run over sitting on the couch watching TV(Shocker is the fact I have watched very little of fall television since stating triathlon) .   For this first run I figured a light simple easy run was in order.

Best Paces versus Distance

I headed out on the sidewalk from the gym and just leisurely set out to run. I kept my posture erect and slightly leaning forward.  I focused on my breathing and on my form as I ran the slightly hilly out and back 1.8 mile run. I had run this before and was very familiar with it.  My pace seemed a slight bit slower than it was before the hiatus.  My lungs and my legs both felt heavy, but the almost 2 miles did not feel too terrible.  So it was not too bad, even without running for a month.  It felt pretty bad ass this morning being out there running before the sun came up .  My legs were incredibly sore from Pilates and weight lifting yesterday, but felt fine after they warmed up.  I can’t wait to start seeing my overall pace time go below 16 minutes.  I am happy with it for now.

I finished the lunch hour off with 45 minutes  of drill and stroke reduction swimming.  I noticed my lap time had gone from a solid 58 seconds per 50 meters to 1:04 lap time for 50 meters.  I know my form was correct and I was doing most everything correct.  It was just that month off degraded some areas a little.  With a little bit of work this will be back to normal eventually.

Tonight I am finishing the day off with a class at REI teaching basic bicycle maintenance.  Figured this was a good idea as I am a bike owner now.  So not a bad day overall. It felt great to run again. Til next time.



  1. Well done for getting back out there and having a run. I had my first run in 4 weeks since spraining my ankle and it felt fantastic. Am a bit more confident for my first Triathlon on Saturday now, I at least know I can finish it.

    1. Good luck. I have 5 months til my first, but a lifetime of bad habits to undo and break. My fitness is getting there, slowly. Triathlon training keeps me busy though and the variety keep me striving and working. You are going to do awesome in your first triathlon.

  2. Great workout ! The chart is cool. Choosing the pavement over the couch is SO worth it. I’m on it less and less…and don’t miss it. Stay strong.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. The chart is provided by Training peaks which my watch natively uploads data into. I have been looking to get the pro version as I can then move my planning from excel to it.

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