First Day Truly Back In Action

Yesterday I completed my first day of the base periodization phase week 1.  It was also the first day of the first week I am able to go full force training again. And it felt awesome.  I am out of practice waking up early in the morning, so I decided to keep the first day back simple with swimming.

I spent a good deal of time warming up and just feeling ‘right’ in the water.  The it was time to start pushing some endurance work.  Well, I did not last as long as I did a month ago.  Things felt good, but my endurance was reduced.  Usually I finish over 1000 meters of lap distance totaled, but yesterday I barely finished 525 meters of total swim endurance work. I am not discouraged, I had been off for a month.

I wanted to ride my bike last night but it has been raining here and I do not feel confident yet to ride in the rain.  So, I have not had a chance to ride much yet.  I am a bit fearful of the bike, but I will get over it and figure out how to clip into the pedals and shift gears and ride and then you will not be able to separate me from Zero.

So I started off today doing a simple light weight workout and will finish the day with Pilates and probably a few easy 25 laps tonight.  Feels good to be back working out and doing triathlon specific training. Can’t wait to get out and run tomorrow morning.  I wonder how long it will take to build back up to my previous levels.  Til next time.



  1. Peaches · · Reply

    Good luck! I never got the hang of clip on pedals, but i loved my bike, rosy (because she was red, ha-ha), until she died. Now I’m thinking about buying a new one next summer. Good luck bonding with Zero!

    1. I hope I get the hang of them without too many cuts,scrapes and bruises. Thanks for the luck!!! I might need it if I might aim to be a little crazy and aim for a century next year

  2. I’m beginning to love my bike…perhaps I should name it. Workouts are getting easier. I’m happy you and Zero are finally together. 🙂

    1. Should name it. After being off for a month workouts have been difficult.

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