Week 21 Goals

Yesterday I posted my reflections of the last five months of training and this last weeks progress.  In that post I mentioned utilizing a schedule based on periodization leading up to my triathlon next year.  The goal of periodization aims to have you at your peek performance at the time of your race.  I am not totally concerned with peeking but I needed structure for my workouts and training, so I went with the system outlined int eh Triathlon Training Bible.  While training programs for different triathlon distances exist on the internet, none of them were specific enough for me and all the training plans involved really short training times.  I have also learned allot about training theory in creating my own plan.

Starting today I have 5 months to train for my fist triathlon.  I feel I have built a strong base, even though recent set backs have left me with a month off from hard work.  With five months to go, today also marks the first day of my proposed periodization schedule.  Periodization sets up training into smaller, goal specific training periods all leading to preparation for the end event.  The first two phases are base one and base two phases focusing on steadily increasing the workout volume each week.  The work outs concentrate on building endurance and speed in the form of drills and form management.  Endurance building is the core focus in this phase.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it.  So my goals for the week are in alignment with the goals of the first phase of training.  I have tried to move some things around a bit on my weekly schedule.  Not sure how some of it will work out, but I  will have to see.

Chatter’s Weekly Base 1 Week 1 Goals

  • Log nutrition into Livestrong
  • Get three workouts per area: swim/bike/run each having  a short/medium/long workout.
  • Get two weight lifting sessions in.  This is one of the areas I am trying to see if it works on a different day.
  • Continue to get familiar with my bike Zero so I can go on a group ride next week

Thats it, pretty simple list for the week.  I am trying to not schedule anything for Monday morning as usually Sundays are difficult days to fall asleep and get back into pattern.  Also, I might want my swim sessions to last longer than 45 minutes. So I was thinking of moving them from lunch to mornings or other times. But that also means weight lifting sessions and runs will have to be moved around.  Also, I have kept Tuesday Pilates in my schedule so that adds another layer of complexity.  I will have to try this and play with it to get it setup correctly.

My current schedule this week

Monday: Weight Lifting/Bike Adjustments

Tuesday: Easy Run/Speed Swim/Pilates

Wednesday: Speed Run/Endurance Swim/Bike

Thursday:Swim/Spin Class

Friday:Easy Run/Workout/Bike

Saturday: Long Run

Sunday: Bike or Swim? Football


This week should be fun and interesting to see how it plays out. I am aiming for about 10 hours of volume this week.  Til next time.



  1. Sounds like you are approaching your Tri thoughtfully, but be sure to get your rest days in!

    1. Yup, I try to structure it so that there are easy days mixed in at spots to give some recovery, and Sundays and Thursdays are light. every 4 Weeks is a lighter recovery week also. Good point.

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