20 Weeks In the Books

Wow!!!  20 weeks of triathlon training in the books.  Tomorrow I begin a new leg of  my journey as I start the first training periodization stage leading into my first triathlon 23 weeks away.  I am proud of myself for fighting to continue my training over this duration.  Historically I find a reason to slowly quit and stop going within a month or two of doing a program.  I have lasted 20 weeks or 5 months going strong with my training and pushing ahead.

It has not been all easy though.  As I mentioned after Dragon Con I got a cold that knocked me out for two weeks. On top of that I was having difficulty with my hypertension and was forced to not do too much too strenuously.   So up until this last Thursday, for the last month I was on doctor forced hiatus from my training.  The last couple of weeks I have picked myself up and began to do brisk walking, swim drills and Pilates.  The goal was to keep active and center my focus on my goal of completing a triathlon.  But, that is what will happen over time with any goals and training regiment.  What matters is how you manage and overcome diversity as it presents itself.  In the past I handled diversity and training issues by promising myself to get back on track and get back into the gym with this never happening.  But, this time I have done it, I have overcome my challenges and I have stayed strong and determined.  Now I am looking at the next part of the plan and looking at my future. Eager to see how all this plays out, eager to get to next year and my first triathlon and what ever else I have planed.

This week the goal was simple, stay active and get to the doctor’s appointment to find out if I am cleared to go back to my training.  From there I would work to get myself ready for next week.  Thursday night I went back to spin classes and it felt great.  Friday and today I spent time loosening up in the pool, doing easy, no stress 25 meter laps.  So I have begun to prepare myself for next weeks heavy work schedule.   While it has been a month, I do not feel like I lost too much fitness.

Besides getting the all clear I bought a bike, so I can start riding and figuring out this aspect of my triathlon training, I named it zero.  The bike and my gear (and a random picture of my calf) can be found here and here. I am eager to put some miles on the tires, but things have been a little busy to get many hours or miles on it yet.  Overall a great step in the right direction.

Then I also signed up for my first 5k for October 27th the Atlanta Monster Dash.  They have 5k,10k, and half marathon distances.  It appears that allot of costumes and more of a party atmosphere surrounds the 5k. Figured this might be a good smoke screen for my lack of speed, as it takes me roughly and hour to finish a 5k.  Also, there will be walkers and trick’er treating along the 5k running route. So it should be a good,relaxed environment for my first 5k.


So tomorrow starts phase 1 or the base phase and a new set of goals for next week. Overall this week has been a good week and I am glad to have Zero at home and my initial bike bleeding/spending done.   Til next time.



  1. You are determined and the sky is the limit. Hope you have a great week. Stay strong!

  2. Go Gettem Chatter! I did a 5k once and, while I had worked myself down to roughly a 30 minute 5k, it took me 42 minutes and some change to run their course. The course went through a part of old town and I twisted my ankle running on the old brick streets (with a few brick missing) and I just didn’t know how to pace a course I wasn’t prepared for. Still, it was a ton of fun. One recommendation would be to at least walk the course a time or two before race day so that you know where you can push yourself and when to settle in for nice and easy. Good luck! Keep us up to date!

    1. I agree with walking the course, but it is in downtown Atlanta. I only go into the city for football games. I am sure I will be fine as it looks to be a good time. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. […] Yesterday I posted my reflections of the last five months of training and this last weeks progress.  In that post I mentioned utilizing a schedule based on periodization leading up to my triathlon next year.  The goal of periodization aims to have you at your peek performance at the time of your race.  I am not totally concerned with peeking but I needed structure for my workouts and training, so I went with the system outlined int eh Triathlon Training Bible.  While training programs for different triathlon distances exist on the internet, none of them were specific enough for me and all the training plans involved really short training times.  I have also learned allot about training theory in creating my own plan. […]

  4. You sound like you have good will power. That will serve you well. Good luck with the training and your triathlon.

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