Zero’s Home and A Random Picture of My Calf

Checking the shipping notices yesterday I found my bike, Zero had arrived, Triathlons here I come.  Unfortunately the store did not have any mechanics available and so Zero did not get to come home.  So today at 4 PM I got the call that my bike was ready for pick up.  So after work I rushed to the store to have them switch out the tires.  When I got to the store they took the wheels and began to exchange the tires and tubes on the factory wheels.  I asked them if they could put on the clipless  pedals and the water bottle holders I bought and they had no problem doing that for me. While they were replacing the tires and wheels, I got a good lesson in replacing tires and tubes with allot of valuable information. As I am new to all this, I gratefully listened and soaked in the ad hoc lesson.

Since it was taking a while I got a chance to ask some questions about some mechanical bike stuff, since I had been reading about the drive train and bike parts recently.  It helped to solidify my understanding about a very vital part of the bike.  As I was waiting one of the store employers came back and looked at the bike and then at me and said, ‘ah, your the one who got the Fuji Roubaix, good choice.  Rides really well for aluminum’.  Really made me feel good about my purchase.

Because I did not want to go over a certain amount in credit I had decided to purchase other items using the 120 dollars in credit I got for my club membership 10% from bike purchase.  I managed to exceed the store credit amount but still figure I did well keeping the financing amount down and paying for some things immediately (Previous bike gear acquisitions can be found here).

Zero on its way home.

The bike was too large for my Kia Soul so I heard it was easy to take the front wheel off using the quick release.  I failed miserably at properly removing this tire and actually took the whole mechanism out.  I have recently watched a video online and seen how ridiculously simple this should have been.

Got to have a helmet and a stupid helmet picture of you wearing it in the living room.

Tried on several helmets, found Bell helmets did not feel right.  When I tried on the Performance Scattante brand, it was perfect. It is the Scorpione and in Europe is made by BBB and is called the Fenix.  Love the feel of this helmet.  It has 23 vents, is fairly light weight, comes with spare pads and has a great easy adjustment. I have read a few forums where some people were switching to this helmet or its level up from Giro helmets costing 200 bucks after I got back from the store. For me,it is comfortable and fits perfectly.

Under the seat storage.


Some decisions were easy,while others were a little harder. Like what size under seat bag should I get, small,medium or large?  Well I went for medium size at 50 cubic inch capacity.  Another question that I had to ask myself was over needing gloves. I figured I would wait, but my wife had determined to go ahead and get some, so I went with a decent priced pair that had a pretty good price. I liked the padding on the palms and the cool meshing on the back of the hands.  Oddly these gloves were Louis Garneau gloves which is the same name brand of bike shoes and triathlon bag I had purchased.  I guess if they wanted a big guy to sponsor I would be their man, I am almost there.

Louis Garneau gloves.


I also bought a co2 kit a multitool, tire puller tool, standing tire pump and spare tube.  Also, I love performance socks (A hold over from my days backpacking where socks were their weight in gold and I loved Smartwool brand), so I got more socks.

I bought two types of socks, Smartwool PHD socks on the left and Performance clearance socks.


I could probably write a book on my new found love affair with socks. They make physical activity so much more doable and taking care of the feet is very important, especially for a diabetic.  The Smartwool PHD socks might warrant a review later but they fit well, and feel really good on the feet.  The almost cover the ankle, but not quite.  They have a nice compression and support where the arches are and they are ORANGE!!!  I had bought some of these previously, but my wife wanted to get a few more.  The other sock is Performance’s brand of sock and feels a little thick but fits well.  It has some of the same snugness to the fit but rides a little higher above the ankle than the other.  I mostly bought these because they were 5 dollars a pair. Not bad.  Both socks are made to keep the feet cool and wick sweat away,keeping the feet dry. I might have to do a review of all 3 pairs of socks I have purchased later and compare them,because they are fairly similar except the arch support and color.

While I was uploading these pictures I saw I had taken a picture of my calves recently and thought I would share a picture to show you some progress and some decently sized calves that biking should further beef up.

My calves, a bi-product of genetics, hiking, lifting and recently spinning class.

I think they they might be one of my best features right now.  Its a work in progress.

So, Zero is home and I did not destroy it in mishandling the front tire.  I spent more money at the bike store,need to keep away from there.  I believe I have everything I need now, as my padded bike shorts came in today.  So I just need some more shorts, an orange pair of gloves and some jerseys.  But those things can wait till after my cruise in a month or so.  Will have to take a picture of the whole kit tomorrow or some time in the next week.  Til next time.


  1. Orange! I love orange too. And those are some pretty impressive calves Chatter. You should be flashing those at the wifey 😉

    1. The wife us happy with them.

  2. […] I named it zero.  The bike and my gear (and a random picture of my calf) can be found here and here. I am eager to put some miles on the tires, but things have been a little busy to get many hours or […]

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