Mizuno Men’s Tajima Socks Review

When I first started running I went to my local running store to buy shoes, knowing that I had no clue what I needed.  After an hour or so of being fit, the issues of socks came up.  I had never thought much about socks except my backpacking/hiking socks.  I figured gym socks were gym socks nothing more.  Well, I was wrong.  I bought 3 pairs of socks when I bought my shoes at almost 12-13 dollars a pair.  These first 3 pairs of socks were Feetures High Performance Socks and they were awesome.  They had a great fit that did not slide on the foot during workouts and running. Also, they have meshing to keep the feet cool and they were made out of wicking facbric to keep feet dry.  Overall a great sock for running and working out in, much better than traditional gym socks.

But the problem existed that they were overall expensive when needing to wear good socks 7 -8 times a week.  Also, you lose a pair and you are in a bigger bind(for the first month  1 pair disappeared into the laundry).  So I needed more socks, but the wife was not understanding of spending 12$ a pair for a weeks worth of socks and possibly enough for 2 pairs a day.  The first thing I did was try the Walmart available Starter performance socks. I figured they might be ok as I frequently use their tech shirts and they work well.  One use and I was done with them.  Poor ability to stay in place, breathability and wicking.  In the price range, but very bad performance.

I began to dig around on the internet and finally came across Running Warehouse.  Looking at the sock offerings I noticed several companies offered discounted multi-packs of performance socks.  The one that grabbed me were the liquidated Mizno Men’s Tajima Socks.  They have the sure fit on the heels and the arch as well as dri-wicking material and ventilation meshing to keep your feet cool.  At 8 bucks a 4 pack I figured I could not go wrong so I ordered two 4 packs. From what I could tell from looking at Mizuno’s site these were a mid level technical sock that is only offered in the 4 pack, probably aimed at budget minded consumers that had allot of the features their individual socks had.

Just got them in the other day and I was eager to take them for a spin and see if they would do as a compliment to my current favorite running/workout socks. Out of the box they looked to be pretty good quality and felt pretty good as well.  I ordered the quarter type as I prefer my socks to run up to my ankle.  I have a size 13 foot and these are made for feet 12-14.  The fit was perfect and I could not imagine these fitting well on a foot larger than mine.  The overall fit was snug and sat correctly on my foot. By this I mean the arch and heel of the sock were correctly where they belonged.  I noticed the top of the sock was lower than my other quarter socks but it was not a big deal as they still went up my ankle a little.  Compared to my Feeture socks, the sock looked a little looser in the stitching and this worried me a little.  Taking the socks out for a walk left me pleasantly surprised.  The socks stayed exactly in place on my foot during the constant walking motion and kept my feet dry and cool. Also, while sweating they kept my feet very comfortable in my shoes.

For 7 bucks a 4 pack I would say these are a steal.  After a couple of uses I am very happy with these.  They are not the super deluxe form fitting super socks, but they are a great bargain for everyday running and working out.  They have a great feel on the foot that is snug and comfortable and they feel soft and natural.  Also, these have little characters on the top and who can say no to those, they will look super in my next Pilates class! Til next time.



  1. When buying my good workout shoes, they suckered me into the good socks. They were more like $25 for 3 pair which still made my stomach hurt. Ha ha. I need to buy more socks now that it is time to buy shoes again, but I don’t want to spend much on socks. The brand you bought…I haven’t seen it around here. Maybe online?

  2. Which ones, the Feetures or the Mizuno’s? Both can be found at runners warehouse online. I have not looked to see if the Mizuno’s are available in liquidation for women. The sock does make a difference. Go too cheep and you hurt or possibly injure your feet. I was happy to find these and glad I got 2 packs. They are not as good as the Feetures, but they are pretty close. If you noticed in my bike posts,I always am buying socks. On the hunt for the best comfort and support.

  3. Thanks for the Runner’s Warehouse tip. Haven’t heard of this site before but it seems like they have great deals!

    1. I have looked around, their prices seem pretty good. I use Amazon allot but every so often some place is cheaper.

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  5. Yuji Kaneko · · Reply

    theclymb.com has the 4-pack for $4.98 2 more days…but a lot of their stuff reposts a few times a year. I came across your inspirational blog while looking for reviews for these socks. I’m over 40 now and trying to get back into shape this summer. So far i’m doing well online shopping for running gear lol.

    If you want to make a bigger first purchase you can get 20%off and pass good karma with my referral link below. =)

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