I am back and I want to Do It All!!!

Yesterday felt busy.  First off my doctor cleared me to continue triathlon training.  My mind raced with what I would do first. To be honest, I wanted to do it all.  I felt like a kid in the candy store that was told he could have one of anything he wanted… no limits!  To top it off, looking at the FedEx shipping slip for my bike, it arrived in the store.  So what was I to do, I wanted to workout really bad, but I wanted Zero as well.  I initially figured that I would get my bike, Friday would work for starting back my training.  Turns out no techs were available to put it together so picking Zero up was on hold.  So, the workout was back on the table.

Looking at my schedule the answer was obvious, spin class.  My favorite instructor had moved to Thursday night so I thought it would be perfect.  Turns out we had a substitute for the evening which bummed me out a bit ( Catch my previous post here as to my take on spin classes  and why this matters).  It was still good overall and there was definitely some stiffness from not doing anything strenuous for a month.  My heart rate did not go too crazy and actually seemed to stay a little lower than it used to get in spin class.  I don’t think I lost too much of my built up fitness, maybe a little phlegm in the lungs left over from the cold. Overall it felt great to have the burn of my quads and calves again and the stress of my heart rate and slight burn of the lungs.  I am back and back big time.

On a side note one of the cool things I found about my heart rate over the last couple of months that I get a big kick out of is my heart rate recovery time.  When I started back in May it took a good minute or more for my heart rate to recover thirty points.  If it jumped to 150 or higher it would take two minutes to get back down to 120.  But, as I ran and worked out more I found that this recovery time got better and better.  Last night it was a matter of less than 25 seconds for it to drop back down thirty points.  I love this change and I am sure this quicker recovery is a huge benefit to training.

After spin class I decided to push it a bit and decided to do some easy 25 meter laps in the pool I know, one day back and already I am trying to do it all.  But, my swim exercise was just easy relaxing, no pressure 25s.  I did this for 10 minutes and worked on some switch drills to help with using my hips for swimming.  My arms,shoulders and back were very stiff and took a long time to loosen up.  Because of Pilates on Tuesday my abs were still sore and it was interesting to feel how swimming used and relied on the abs and core.  If there is one good thing about soreness, its that you discover muscle movement and utilization in other exercise.

So overall a great evening and it feels awesome and great and wonderful and fantastic… to be able to workout again.  So hopefully I will be able to pick up my bike today and I plan to still get an endurance swim session in as well as a run in this weekend to help prepare and loosen my muscles before next weeks full training.  It is looking to be a very busy weekend.  Til next time.



  1. Oh how I love that nice “burn”…. so glad to see you back at it ! And now to welcome Zero today…indeed a good week for you .

    1. Yes indeed. The bike shop at first irked me because they usually always have a mechanic. Just happens Zero comes in and they don’t. But got to work out last night so I can ‘t complain.:)

  2. Fantastic news! So happy for you~

    1. I am very happy. Almost afraid of doing too much too soon. But since I picked up my bike things are calming for this week. Thank You for the support.

  3. 1000kmstowindermere · · Reply

    Good for you that you’re back.

    I know what you mean about the aches from one exercise reminding you of how you use different parts of your body in other exercises. I love that feeling. I’ve been ill for a couple of weeks, so hoping to do my first real workout again tonight.

    1. Just take it easy and listen to your body.

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