Houston We Have Lift Off!!!

Today is a great day! First I went to the doctor and he gave me the all clear to beat myself up  train again. Back to triathlon training, five months and counting till I do my first one!  It is weird  at the pharmacy and at home I get readings around 120/80 on average while at the doctors office it is like 140/92.  Go figure.  So he gave me the green light to go back to exercising and training for my triathlon.  So I went and registered for my first 5k race at the end of October on the 27th the Atlanta Monster Dash.  Looks like a fun race.

So I get home and I am all excited and getting ready to go do spin class tonight.   I do a quick query on the internet regarding the shipping information about my bike,  I wanted to know when it would come in.  Looking at the shipping notice I see that it just arrived in the store 10 minutes earlier.  So I guess no spin class as I have to go pick up my bike Zero and bring it home. Might still strive to go and get some laps in tonight since I will definitely miss spin class picking up my bike after work.

So my new wheels came in and I am all clear from mission control  for resuming my triathlon training.  Wooo Hoooo!!!!  As the Pointer Sisters sang ‘I’m So excited!’ Til next time.




  1. Yeah! I think we need to see pics of you on your bike!

    1. I plan to at least post a few of me with the bike for now. Might have wait till I figure out the whole balance and cleats locking thing out Should be picking it up after work. Miss spin, but get my bike:)

      1. You could get a rear wheel lifter and train on your own living room on YOUR bike!

    2. I want one, but have to keep costs down with the wife for now.

      1. aaaaahhh

      2. Its the hidden cost of triathlon training, keeping the wife happy while you spend money on gear and what not. She is getting a cruise which is strapping the wallet for the next two months.

  2. ichoosetolivestronger · · Reply

    Two cheers for you today!!! Great report from the doctor and Zero has arrived safely his new home. :). I’d say it couldn’t get much better. Congrats!

    1. Unfortunately I did not get to pick up Zero last night as they did not have a bike mechanic to put it together.So It should be today. Keep fingers crossed.

  3. Be careful. 🙂


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