Ready to Take it to the Next Level… If the Doc Says Go

Back at the end of May I decided I was going to do a triathlon next year and I would commit to training for the entire time up to the triathlon.  Not long afterwords, this goal morphed into training for a season of triathlons.  The first thing I did was located books and resources.  The best one I found that I used to set up my plan was Friel’s Triathletes Training Bible, the closest thing to having a real coach all wrapped up in a book.  After digesting the material in the book I figured a rough schedule  based on this years race dates for next year.

I used this then to figure out my training schedule leading up to my first Triathlon next March.  The book heavily focuses on setting up a Periodization training schedule , a method of training where you peak closer to a race.  So I figured out my next 5 to 6 months.  The idea was I would use May to August as a building base period. The goal was to do the c25k for running, learn total immersion swimming and find a way to simulate the bike.  Overall get myself to a much better level of fitness than couch potato.  The next phase was supposed to start ramping up the hours and throwing in some occasionally harder, ‘pushing it’ work outs into the mix.  This was supposed to last till Monday of this week when I would start the first week of Base 1 periodization training, lasting for the next 4 weeks.

As I said, periodization is set up in different phases usually lasting 4 weeks long for most phases.  Each phase has different exercise focus and is supposed to help you be ready for your race.  The first 2 phase are the base phases and each one lasts 4 weeks.  These heavily focus on increasing the duration and intensity of workouts and aim to increase speed and endurance.  Each phase’s last week is a recovery and testing week with reduced hours.

Unfortunately health issues have put things on a hiatus the last couple of weeks and I obviously have not started base 1 week 1 training.  What I have done though is realigned things to start on Monday of next week and removed one of the building weeks, because I feel the base weeks are more important right now.  The base weeks just focus on building overall speed and endurance and range from 10 to 12 hours of training.

So, as this is published I am sitting in the doctors office, checking my vitals and waiting to find out if I am green lighted for exercise again.  If so, its go time.  If not I will figure something out, but i would rather not think about that.  If not it also means something else is seriously messed up in my system.  But, I will think on that if I need to. Otherwise its go time,time to get back to work.  Not that I have been totally lax while on hiatus.

So here is hoping for the best and hoping next week will be week 1 base period.  Til next time.


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