The Naming of Things

Recently I posted about Zero, my new bike I just purchased over the weekend.  Zero will be a good buddy as soon as I can take him home and he will get to participate in some triathlons with me.  But why did I name  my new bike Zero?  Why do I refer to an inanimate object as if it was a person?  Well, I have a habit of doing this with any gear that I feel I will be spending any amount of time with.  It is actually fairly rare that I name my gear, there has only been one other piece of gear I have named and gotten attached to.

Springer my Dana Designs original Teraplane backpack.

My first major gear naming was for my Dana Designs Teraplane backpack. I bought this back in 97 when I first got into backpacking after a very successful stint of  acrobatic mountain biking, namely flying over my handle bars every outing.  So after numerous walks with my bike I decided I like the walking and got heavily into backpacking.  I went out and put allot of money into gear.  I was aiming to to the entire Appalachian Trail in one season but life happened.  Because I spent so much time backpacking I named my pack ‘Springer’ after the start of the Appalachian Trail which meant so much in changing my life and activity back then.  While backpacks have gotten lighter and smaller, I still primarily only use this pack as it is the most comfortable pack for carrying any weight and its feelings would be hurt if it did not get to go out with me.

View from the top of Springer Mountain. Namesake originator of my backpack and emotional backpacking anchor.

The first white blaze and plaque on top of Springer Mountain indicating the southern start point for the Appalachian Trail.

I also of course named my new Kia Soul I bought last year as all cars have to be named.  Because the vehicle was silver and had a really large dash display that could take images and because I am a huge geek I named the car Norrin Radd after the Silver Surfer comic book.  The Surfer’s original name was Norrid Radd before he became the Silver Surfer. So the car is known as Norrin.

Silver Surfer comic book character, formerly Norrin Radd.

So, when I got my bike I realized I would be spending allot of time riding it and learning how to use it and competing with it.  At first I was thinking of the usual names: josh, George, Bob, Fett… possibilities were endless.  So I just looked at it and the first thing that stuck out and really popped into my head was:

Zero from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

Don’t know why but it just seemed to fit naming my new bike after Jack the Pumpkin King’s dog from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Zero.  In a way it just named itself as I was looking at it and it just fit. Of course it also works because I can always refer to:

Survive a ride I can sing that over and over again.  So I think Zero will stick.  Now I just have to bring it home and give it a home, its on its way from the warehouse and will be here soon!  Til next time.



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