My Take on Pilates… Ouch

One of my current goals while my triathlon training is on hold was to try some new things that I did not traditionally have time for or was difficult to add into the schedule.  One thing I had been wanting to try for a while was a Pilates or Yoga class to see if there was any benefit to my slate of swim, bike and run exercises.  So, last night I attended a Mat Pilates class at my local gym.

It was mostly women, even though there was another guy in there but it looked like his wife dragged him in there.  All I have to say is ouch and wow that was one heck of a hard workout. Imaging spending an hour doing nothing but abs, back and hips and that is Pilates.  I believe there are different versions such as one that uses a balance ball, but the one I attended relied on your body and a mat only.  The basic concept of Pilates utilizes a series of poses and positions that work out your core (abs and back) and your hips.  This relies heavily on using your body and breathing is extremely important and heavily stressed through out the workout.

Pilates is much more hard core than you would believe. After an hour last night I was ready for some serious post workout vomiting.  Yes, you have poses and you are doing positions, so it might look a little bit ridiculous, but it definitely kicks some but. I am amazed more guys do not take this class, it is great for the outer hip, strengthens up your abs and back.  The one thing that does not contribute to confidence is the fact that at my gym the yoga and Pilates room has large windows and is open for all to see.  Yikes!  So overall I would recommend everyone to try one. I can definitely see a long term advantage to continuing and can see all the other disciplines I train in getting better because of  Pilates. I am going to have to work this class into my weekly routine. Til next time.



  1. That’s exactly what I tell people when they walk into my studio – it’s harder than you think! But … the stronger your core is, the easier it is to do anything and everything else. So keep it up!

    1. I am definitely adding it to my routine. I workout doing crunches and rarely have my abs been this sore. And they are sore everywhere not just cruch specific muscles.

      1. That’s another thing about it … you discover muscles you never even knew you had 😉

      2. Other funny thing was it got harder as the time went on. The ‘childs pose’ that we commonly went back to was almost impossible at the end as my abs were toast!

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