10 Running Questions

Recently on the Fit for A Year blogging site 10 questions regarding running were posted based on posts from  Whitness the fitness, who took the questions from http://www.anothermotherrunner.com.  I figured I would also give them a try as much as possible. Might be a little difficult as I am still relatively new to this. So note that all my answers are based in a 5 month window.  So its question and answer time:

  1. What was your most memorable run?  The first time I ran for 20 minutes without stopping.  I never dreamed of running so long, back in May I would have been lucky to finish 30 seconds.  This was more moving for me than when I ran 30 minutes or 40 minutes for the first time.
  2. Three words that describe my running. Slow,Improving, Persistent
  3. What running shoes do you use and What gear can you not live without? Asics 2170’s. Even though I really love them I want to try lighter shoes.  Also do not forget to mention the Sole insoles, a must have. I cannot live without my RoadID bracelet and my Timex Global Trainer Watch.  Also, my road ID headsweats hat and my Sansa Fuze player!!!  Otherwise I could run naked and not care, as long as I have these items I am happy.
  4. Do you have any quirky habits while running?  Does talking to myself out loud count?
  5. When do you run, morning, midday or evening? In the summer I prefer morning as it is cooler out, otherwise I try to go when it is the next coolest out or after work. As long as I get the workout in I am happy.
  6. Does the weather stop you running? I have not had to deal with too much weather besides heat so far.  Guess I have been lucky.
  7. Have you had a running injury?  Bursitis of the knee after 2 weeks on the C25k program while using treadmills and not having good insoles in my shoes.  Oddly this is what lead me to choose to do triathlons as well as 5ks, the doctor told me to rehab by walking in the pool. The rest is history.
  8. I felt most like a badass runner when…  I ran for 45 minutes completing 2.5 miles.  Yes its slow, but just the week before I was struggling with 2 miles and here I was running 2.55 miles.
  9. My next race is…  I had planned one for October the 6th but injury has sidelined this, so now its the Monster Dash 5k October 27 permitting the doctor allows me to go back to training.
  10. Running goals for 2013.  Run a 10k.  Of course that is if I have ran a 5k by then. Setbacks have made this tricky.  Also, run a 5k in a triathlon.

How would you answer the questions above?

Til next time…



  1. Your probably tired of my comments, but I really dig what your doing. I asked in another comment, but sent you mentioned here I guess I could ask again. How do you like the Global Trainer? It is so much cheaper than the Garmin 310XT. Is it accurate? How is the link time? Let me know what you think of it! I just ordered my roadID and I can’t wait. I hear it is a must for all athletes. As far as you talking to yourself I would say that’s completely normal. Usual I talk to myself towards the end of my run to motivate. It usually works. The first opportunity that you have to ru in the rain, try it. It is a whole different ball game and you feel 10x stronger than running normally. Good luck on your goals! I ran my first 10K in March and it was a lot of fun. Wanted to come in in under an hour, but just missed it by seconds. Currently I’m training for a half-marathon in November and a 5K in a couple weeks. After this it’s back to training for triathlon. Sounds like we both have busy schedules ahead for the off season. I look forward to reading more!

    1. I enjoy the comments so keep them coming. I truly enjoy the dialog and exchange of ideas. It keeps me motivated following blogs, having discussions and following along with other peoples progress. If my writing is Ok and people enjoy it even a little then I am happy. It keeps me motivated and engaged. So keep the comments coming. That is so cool, I am looking to finish my first 5k, in October. It will probably be an hour long. I am working on getting faster. The global trainer is great for the price. I bought mine for 120. I see they are now up to 140. They are a little slow on getting GPS signal, but better since the hardware upgrade. They continue to push upgrades to the firmware. I use it for keeping track of laps, running and soon biking. For the value I would say even if you just use it for running, if you can be a bit patient it is a wonderful value. I will have to do a post on it soon as I have not seen many since the latest firmware upgrades. Thanks for coming along on my crazy adventure.

  2. I would definitely use the Global trainer for running to keep track of mileage, but I’m also looking for the heart rate component as well as the biking feature. I think I’ve read that it doesn’t, but do you know if it tracks distance in open water? Don’t worry about your time for your first 5K. There will be plenty of time to work on speed. Once you run your first race your addiction to running and triathlon will double. Its definitely an adrenaline rush.

    1. I hear ya, scheduling my first 5k now. The type of sensor that is used in the global trainer does not work in water. What I do is tuck it into my swim cap. The cool thing is the global trainer comes with a heart rate strap which works really well. I often use it for everything. As I said a really good deal under 200 bucks.

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