Week 19 Goals

Its hard to believe that 18 weeks ago I started this little triathlon training adventure and here I am, still pushing and striving.  Not to say it has been easy, I have had my setbacks and I have had to overcome some adversity, so it has not always been easy.  It just sounds so amazing to think I have stuck to 18 weeks of hard training, setting goals and sticking to them.    The prime motivator for this week’s goals is getting my doctors go ahead to start my normal training again. Pretty simple, but I can’t do much more than that.

But on top of getting the doctors go ahead I am going to continue what I started last week and work with that program through Thursday.  The weekend might have to be dynamic, because if the doctor green lights training again on Thursday, I will be doing some heavy endurance stuff to get myself prepared to deal with next week.  My original plan was to start my race periodization plan for my March race this week, but its on hold so I will have to move things around a little. 

So my basic goals for this week

  • Continue watching the diet for nutrition,calories and salt
  • Monday and Wednesday 30 minutes of brisk walking and a set of swim drill work (try to do superman and other standard drills)
  • Tuesday – Pillates
  • Thursday Doctor Visit.

As I said goals are pretty simple this week and hinge on Thursday doctor visit.  Also, I will have another blog post later about a big thing that happened this weekend  that will also effect what I do after Thursday.  Til next time.



  1. I started to think about triathlons early this year and went from my first workout, a 0.5 mile run/walk that seemed to nearly kill me, to finishing my first sprint event at the Chicago Triathlon in 1 hour 50 minutes (not stellar by any means but a goal acheived non the less).

    Keep up the hard work and don’t give up (there are always a million reasons why you should). Remember to enjoy the journey along the way.

    1. Thank you, that is very encouraging. I will say my current progress and recognizing how far I have come has fueled my motivation and workouts further.

  2. Sweet bike !! I’m not sure I could handle that miniature seat though. ha ha Good luck this week and I hope doc gives you a green light to pick up your training again.

    1. Especially since the new bike should be here soon. Gonna be fun and scary, have not ridden a bike in a long time. Only shaky part of this triathlon thing for me, but I will persevere.

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