I Bought a Bike… I Think I Will Name It Zero!!!!

My new bike Zero!!!

This weekend I took a plunge and plopped some money down on a shiny new bike.  My Saturday post was the impetus that led to some in depth research to develop an understanding of what I was looking for and what I was willing to spend.  So after writing that post Friday night I stayed up way later than I should have (4 AM) reading about bikes and gears and parts and whatever else my mind latched onto.  I realized the next morning that a visit to my local bike shop was in order.   I was uncertain if my future triathlon bike would be found, but I was hoping to be able to further understand what I was trying to purchase.

But before venturing to my local bike shop I visited their website to look at inventory and financing options.  I wanted to have a little knowledge regarding what I was looking for before venturing into the store.  I  realized that my assumptions might be totally wrong, but I like working from what I know and understand.  So I found a couple of possible matches based on the following criteria :

  • Parts and components seemed to be a big deal – Shimano Tiagra at a minimum even though 105 might be better.
  • Aluminum Frame  was a must, keep cost down and it would hold my large weight better.
  • road bike – obviously
  • Was not sure about the wheels but I knew I was going to have to ask about this and other matters regarding to my bigger ‘Clydesdale’ build.

That was my basic list of what I thought were the important parts of buying the bike.

I also found the shop was having some really good sales and was offering 6 months same as cash.  I know from experience I am very disciplined when it come to purchasing items this way.  So I figured my max limit would be 1500$ as that would make my payments at a goal of paying it off in the allotted time 250$ or less per month.  Realize that money would also have to include gear and essentials as well and if I was below my limit, that would be good also.

So armed with this list I went to my local Performance Bike shop and hesitantly walked up to the sales representative to get a dialog going about bikes and possibly purchasing.  First thing established was I would need a 60 to 61 inch frame. Secondly I told him my budget and range.  Thirdly I asked about the fact I am a big guy and how can I get a bike to last with someone my size.  Luckily for me he has dealt with people heavier than me and recommended a tire with more spokes, like in the range of 32 and crossed (might have terminology wrong).  While naturally lighter people were getting rid of weight and going fewer spokes, I would need more.

Three hours later and after looking at several different bikes and component combinations I had decided on a couple of things:

  1.  I definitely did not want Shimano Sora components, especially the shifters. I honestly do not understand who designed these or what they were thinking.
  2. Some Tiagra parts were ok, but I preferred the feel of the 105 shifters and derailers to the Tiagra components.
  3. Aluminum butted frame was a good way to go.
  4. 32 spoke wheels, definitely

If you have never shopped for a middle end or just above beginner level road bike, you would be amazed how many combinations these bikes come in.  Also, you would not believe this, but few of the bikes in the price range and above included pedals.   The trick was finding one that had most of the components I  wanted within my price limit that I could alter if something was not included.

After a very patient non-commissioned sales representative spent all this time with me it came down to two bikes, both with a great sales price sticker.  One was at the upper end but needed nothing additional, the GT Series 2; the other was the Fuji Roubaix performance exclusive model which if you compare to Fuji’s listed base had some nice 105 upgrades, seat upgrades and crankset upgrades.  Turns out the GT was not available in my size so I went with the Fuji Roubaix Performance exclusive.  (The specs can be found on the associated link page). Unfortunately they had to order it from the warehouse so I have to wait a week or so for it to come in.

This model comes with the desired light wheels Clydesdales do not need so I figured I would have to trade out the wheels and sell them to get the money back to buy new wheels.  I did not have to worry about this as the manager said they would buy the wheels so I would not have sell them.  The representative checking me out under his breath kept saying how generous the offer amount was.

With the bike chosen I then had to get approved for the financing.   That was quick and hassle free. I was approved way above my limit and while tempting to go and get something a little more, I like being under my budget before buying some additional things I would need.  I also got their club membership as it gives you 10% points to use later on all purchases and I planned to use this to once again keep the over all number down.  So besides buying the bike I also payed for a two year maintenance plan as it costs the same as a tune up and comes with 2 tune ups and 2 lube and chain service.  Then I grabbed the following gear:

Mavic 32 spoke open sport wheels with Shimano 105 hubs.

Clipless pedals.


Needed socks for trying on the shoes and my wife was having fun trying to find me a pair of orange ones (my favorite color besides black)

All that is left is a helmet, multi tool,pump, cages and flat fix repair which I will buy with my points (130 bucks worth of points).  All together it costed me 1300$.  Not too bad at all. Now I just have to wait for it to come in and the doctor to give me an all clear.  I might also have to cave in and get at least some padded shorts and maybe a jersey.  I will admit I have gotten some great advice here and I think I made a good decision.  I still am looking for sites that can give me more information about bikes and riding as I still feel compelled to learn this stuff.  I am now searching for local rides and I am ready for some hard lessons using clipless pedals as I have read elsewhere and on using gears.  Til next time.


  1. Good luck with the bike. I went through the same thing a few years ago and while spending a significant amount of money on a bike and gear is hard for some to understand, it really is a great way to spend some time outdoors and exercise. Definitely invest in the padded shorts!

    1. I tried to keep the price reasonable while getting something that should last me for a long while. I feel like I got a good deal and did not break the bank.

      1. The great thing is that you’re not risking much by investing in a quality bike. There’s a great secondary market so if in a few years you decide to sell it and buy a new one, you’ll get a pretty good chunk of your purchase price back. It’s a solid investment in yourself, have fun.

      2. Yeah, I think that is what took so long, my wife was all about budget and I was sticking to budget as long as it met my criteria. In the end I got the 105 components in all the right places, a fairly light for aluminum bike and some good gear to get started. Still need clothing, but most of that will be on hold till after the cruise in November. Will have to do some bike and part reviews as well as other equipment reviews as I am a new user to all of this gear.

  2. trikatykid · · Reply

    Congrats on the new bike! Most bikes don’t come with pedals because the pedals depend on the shoes. Glad you got a nice set up .. I am purchasing a bike trainer from Craigslist and I’m pretty excited about that! Found a great deal on a Cyclops. Reviews and research aside: what really matters is how you ride it. So get on it sooner than later and reach some of these weekly goals you set for yourself! 🙂

    1. I am very excited the financing worked out and that now I can get out there and try riding and figuring all this stuff out. Just waiting till I can take it home. Wonder if the wife will let me store it in the dining room/study instead of the garage? Zero would like it much better there!

      1. trikatykid · · Reply

        My bike practically slept in my bed with me when I first got her. She has never spent a night in a garage. Her name is Ryn (short for Aeryn, which is the model name of the bike, and also short or Kathryn, which is my full name). I believe she was made specially for me. I love that thing. Enjoy!!! I’m very excited for you. Biking is wonderful – it will help your running and you will get addicted. This past race I did has completely sparked my love for the sport – I had no idea I was that capable!

  3. That looks like a great price for everything! I bought my bike with Tiagra everything and I agree. The shifters are ridiculous. Looking to upgrade all components to 105. As the seasons change you are going to need lights, at least a tail light, and one headlight. Also I would add an app on your phone for tracking milage/speed. Congrats on the new purchase.

    1. My phone is too big to use for anything fitness. At 5 1/2 inches it barely fits in the pocket. But, my Timex Global Trainer will do what you describe and came with a handle bar attachment. Lights might be a good idea, did not think of that…. hmm. Cool thing is I still have some gear to buy but that can be purchased with the accrued points. Can’t wait to get Zero home and start figuring this clipless pedal thing out.

      1. How is the Global Trainer by the way?

      2. The Global Trainer,For the price you can’t beat it. I think it is up to 140 on Amazon now which is 20$ more than I paid for it. For a very versatile triathlon training watch or even running watch you cant beat the functionality and features to the price. It can be a little slow at times getting a GPS signal, but it is livable Great thing is they are still putting out updates for it. So I love it.Maybe I will do a product review on it.

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  5. Are you a member at The Y or a gym with a spin class? If so, they usually have spin bikes with pedals that can be clipped in and out of. I might suggest using them on that bike to practice clipping in and out.

    1. I am a member of a gym and I have done the spin classes before(think I blogged about this actually) but never with cleats. The problem is they use the Shimano SPD cleats and I bought road cleats instead. Good idea if it would have worked.

      1. I have Shimano cleats on my shoes and they look the same, granted I’ve never tried to clip in, I just do the spin classes in my normal shoes. But I can confirm they look like the same cleats I have, at least the same shape.

      2. Shimano SPD cleats have a small triangle shape to them and are often mountain bike cleats. What is the difference besides size I do not know. Something to look up. I will find out when I do spin class tonight.

  6. Exciting! Congrats on zero!

    1. Thanks. Cannot wait for it to get in. Got notice it was shipping yesterday.

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  9. Nice bike and that’s a great price for all of that stuff too, holy smokes! Good luck. Definitely go with the padded shorts. Two pair works for tri training, but if you can afford three, that will be easier on the laundry machine.

    1. I got pretty good deals I think. Can’t wait to get some rides in. I keep spending money every time I go in.

      1. I’ve got a grin, ear to ear, reading that last part about spending money every time you go in to the bike shop – my wife shudders every time I tell her I’m headed to the bike shop. Once you get your basic stuff down the spending should slow down considerably. Even so, it’s a fantastic investment and I’m sure that you’ll be happy for it in the end.

  10. You are moving in an excellent direction and you’ll love Zero. Thanks for stopping by my blog and marking the Century article. Glad you liked it – keep at it. It’s amazing how much better I feel after a good ride.

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  12. […] named it zero as it was all white and reminded me of the ghost dog from Nightmare Before Christmas (details here).  With the bike purchased and money spent on it and all the related gear I was now fully […]

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