Triathlon Training on Hold… I’M Back

Allot has happened. So much, I am not sure where to begin this post.  I know i disappeared for a while.  I did not give up though, just had some things to work through.  I do want to say thanks to triakatykid and iwanttolivestronger for their awesome support, your messages were greatly encouraging to me. So let me explain what has been going on since forever ago.  Basically, the old RX, the doctor himself side lined  my triathlon training .  Let me explain, this might get a bit lengthy, but I will try for some brevity.

Back on the week of August 20th(Yes it has been that long) I found my blood pressure to be abnormally high.  Granted, this was one symptom that initially led me to my current status, but I thought it was under control.  I was doing good on my reduced caffeine and salt intake but something was off.  When I visited the doctor a week later my blood pressure was 165/105.  The doctor decided to put me on one more pill before exploring other possibilities including the dreaded ‘C’ word.  The catch was that he did not want me doing any physical exercise that put too much stress on my heart and maybe even boost my blood pressure high enough to lead to a stroke or heart attack. So for a month I had to take another pill and do nothing more than brisk walking and light activity.  Personally, I thought I would be able to call the doctor in  a week or two if it looked better and get the ‘no training’ lifted.

At first this seemed like nothing terrible.  I had Dragon Con at the end of August beginning  of September and had scheduled time off.  The initial biggest impact was on my running goals. That Saturday I was going to shoot for 3 miles in my long run.  But I figured that would be ok and I could wait.  Well, it turns out that after Dragon Con I saw the blood pressure going down on my unreliable home machine and grocery store machines.  The catch was,, I got a bad head cold from the con that took me out for two weeks.

So last week I called the doctor figuring he would be fine with me continuing.  Well, he had a strict order that I was to stick to light exercise till I saw him again on the 27th.  This was killing me,I just wanted to bike/swim/run train.  I have goals and deadlines I need to meet and this will not do.  So I readjusted my training schedule and started to figure out what I could do till the date of  possible lift.  Basically brisk walking is about it.  I have decided to explore Pilates and Yoga as they are definitely low heart rate exercises. That is what I have been doing since recovering from my cold.  No where as satisfying or as beneficial as my normal workouts, but at least it is something. Hopefully it is just another week.

I have not posted in a while as I was feeling sick and a little depressed over not being able to train.  But, I have stuck to my diet basically and I am trying to do something.  The fun thing is that I created this blog to enforce accountability.   I have discovered that it works, but what I really have gained is accountability to myself first and foremost.  I was surprised to realize that my normal pattern did not apply and that I kept my goal in focus and found something to keep me going and to get me through this set back.

Unfortunately I thought I had little to post about until I started walking and realized that I need to keep posting, I miss sharing and being part of a community of like minded goal setting motivational bloggers.  So note I have been reading and enjoying, just have not been sharing much lately.  I apologize for that to anyone who does read my posts.  So I am going to try to post some stuff even though my training and work outs right now are slow and boring and very light.  I miss writing and sharing way too much.

Staying positive and pushing on, til next time…




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  2. Here you are…finally my reader showed your post from today and I was able to link backwards in time. Thanks for the update. Tough times. When I had my glute injury it really pit me in a slump. i almost cancelled my personal trainer for those weeks, didn’t want to waste the money. Turned out…spending that time with Jerry allowed me to learn exercises that I COULD do. Please share about the pilates and yoga. I just dusted off my Wii and want to try the Yoga. Great to have you back. Hang in there!

    1. I will definitely have to write about the pillates experience after next Tuesday’s class. Glad things are working again.

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