Overcoming Adversity

My initial reasons for creating this blog centered on the concept of accountability, a way to force myself to continue and keep going, to not lose focus.  What I discovered even more importantly was that through other awesome blogs and bloggers there was an enormous support network  providing encouragement and motivation.  Most importantly, I  recently have realized that this blog is no longer my primary source for accountability… instead my primary source was myself, I am accountable to myself first and foremost.

While Triathlon training is a new experience and slant on losing weight and getting in shape, this obviously is not my first weight loss rodeo.  Like allot of people who are overweight a good deal of their lives I have gone through many phases of previous successes and failures in enhancing my body image by losing weight.  In these previous attempts I usually decide it is time to do something. I get my eating habits in order and put together an exercise plan (these were usually focused around lifting weights primarily with little cardio).  Then for a month I would successfully exercise and eat appropriately.  I wold see some success.  But after that month, something would happen: car trouble, extended work hours, pizza Fridays, injury … what ever it was it would derail me a day.  Then for the next week I would spend every day saying tomorrow I would get back on track till a week went by and then a month and then several months.  Luckily for me I often kept off  the weight I lost, but this was my pattern for my adult life.  This is how I went from 365 several years ago to 320 this year.

But, this current training stint is different, it even feels different.  I think its largely because I found accountability in myself and have found reasonable achievable goals.  Up until my recent doctor enforced hiatus I have been training and staying on track for over 3 months.  We are not talking easy workout here.  This blog has initially helped with that.  Also, my goal to get in the best shape of my life and to do a season of triathlons has also greatly helped in creating a very real measurable goal.

I realized recently through my forced hiatus that what I really have gained above everything is self accountablity.  I am accountable to myself and no body else. Instead of being happy that I get to sit on the couch and enjoy relaxing I am trying to find ways to stay active, to keep myself going.  I have truly realized that I have to stay true to myself and my goals, I do not want to let myself down.  For the first time I feel accountable to me.  I have to continue triathlon training for myself. Not the people who read my blog (even though I love everyone who shares this journey with me), not my family.. no body but myself.    This realization might be the greatest take away I have from this down time.  For the first time in my life I am at the wheel and in control.  I am truly accountable to the most important person, myself.

Til next time…



  1. You’re so right, training buddies and online friends are a massive help, but when you can find the accountability in yourself, you are really on your way!

    1. I never expected to feel accountable to myself, it was a shock to me. Now I am ready to get back to work… Once the doctor gives the ok.

  2. **Applause!!**. Exactly! The accountability I have found here has been amazing and It has been FUN. It certainly does encourage me and gives me a chance to “give back” and hopefully encourage others. but what would I do if we lost internet for weeks? Or could no longer afford access to the WWW? What would I do?? It is a great reminder that we have to still KEEP going. No one can walk this journey FOR us. It is our life…we choose to live ..or not live. Great thoughts here.

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