I am Back and Ready to Get Busy Again

What a weekend! Since last Thursday I have been away from my blog and my fellow bloggers. I have pretty much been enjoying my vacation and geeking out with 40K plus people at Dragon*Con. While it has been great fun, it is finally over and time to get back to work. Time to get on the blog with goals and blogging and time to get things going again as time is still ticking on my end goal, a triathlon.

first off, I ate decently while on vacation. I won’t claim saint hood when it came to meals, but I did try to eat some fruit and vegitables. The hard thing was eating actually. At a fan convention there are constantly things going on at all times of the day. Often it is difficult to find time to fit in a meal. As well, bedtimes fluctuated and often ended up closer to the past 4 A.M. times. So waking up was usually around lunch with the first solid meal around 3 P.M. Then some granola bars and other snacks and the next meal was 1-2 A.M. So a very chaotic sleep and eating schedule. Coming back I could tell the salt was a little high and I had put on some water weight. Since I got back on Monday I have quickly started to shed the water weight.

Here is an example of my Friday/Saturday/Sunday
12 AM – Get up – Starbucks for coffee and danish/oatmeal ect..
1:30 Bruce Boxleitner Panel
3 PM Lunch/First Meal
4:30 Brandon Sanderson/Wheel of Time book reading
6 PM Another Panel or Laze about in room and watch panels on screen
8 PM Entertainment Panels lasting 4 hours
10 PM Bar and Partying
2 AM Food
5AM Bed


So, cons are great fun, but do not provide alot of time to do much else. You have 4 days to cram as much in as possible till you have to wait for another year. Good thing is my blood pressure has been going down and I did do tons of walking. While it looks like my blood pressure is lowering again, I managed to caught the con flue, con plague, con crud… whatever you want to call it, I got it. Basically, imaging 40 thousand people in a very tight space. Its inevitable that something will get passed around. Often this is called con crud, con flue, con plague or whatever you want ot dub it. So, I have to wait for it to clear up before I can get back to the program.

My goals for this week are pretty simple
– Get caught up on reding the blogs I love to follow
– Get over head cold
– Maybe get some runninng and swimming in.
– Recap August from goals perspecitve and set september monthly goals.

That is it, pretty basic really. Now if I can just get over this crud I will be happy, it has been too long since I have ran and I am itching to get feet to pavement again!!! Til next time.

Thanks to everyone especially triatykid for the concern while I was away.


  1. trikatykid · · Reply

    Welcome back – hope you’re back on track with your training soon!

    1. Thanks. Can’t wait, six months till my first triathlon and a month till I do a 5k so I want to get back to training soon.

  2. I’m a creature of habit. Last week messed quite a bit up for me and I am striving to get my bearings again. Looking forward to normality…welcome back and feel better!

  3. Have you fallen and you can’t get up? Just checking in here…haven’t seen you in quite a while. Blog and get back to it. You need accountability. Don’t you dare quit this journey! Stay strong Chatter.

    1. I have been struck with a mixture of bad luck. First my blood pressure relapsed and the doctor told me to put training on hold then I got a two week cold. Will post soon, just have not had allot to say as training is on hold right now. Trying not to go crazy in the mean time. Thanks for the message though. Trying to not get depressed and looking forward to when the doctor gives me the go ahead again.

      1. Thanks for the update. My suggestin (not that you asked, ha ha)…use this time for research and such. Blog about life…it will probably help you more than you realize. Feel better.

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