Week 16 Goals – Off to Dragon*Con

Week 16 is going to be short, so limited goals this week.  Why the short week, well Dragon*Con is finally here.  So Thursday through Monday I will be staying in downtown Atlanta and will be swamped with con events.  I am sure all the walking around will give me plenty of exercise, even though I am in better shape so not as much as it used to.  Luckily my recovery week figured to be the exact same week so everything is good.  My diet will probably suffer, but I will do what I can to stay on track. Don’t want to lose the triathlon physique I have worked so hard to build.

Also, I am trying to keep the physical activity down in lieu of recent medical issues and the fact that I have a recovery week scheduled this week.  If the doctor gives me the go ahead on Wednesday then I will try and get at least one running session in. Otherwise it is light swimming for now.  Something is better than nothing!  I cannot believe how much I really want to go jogging right now. Watching the triathlon yesterday and not running in a few days has me all jittery and wired up.  Good thing I am heading for a swim in a bit.

Because of the shortened week, I am still going to try and post a few goals:

  1. Beer and alcohol to a minimum – I’ll have a good time, just no need for excess.
  2. Food – try to keep sodium down and to take eat decently.  Don’t need to be a saint.
  3. Vitamins and pills – Don’t miss taking these
  4.  Get in at least t 2 swim sessions
  5. If the doctor approves – get in 1-2 easy runs or at least a long run in.
  6. Triathlon volunteer race report up on blog.

I think that will do well for this week as it is sorta of  a throw away week.  I just don’t want regression from too much partying. I think things will be good as long as done in moderation.  Can’t wait for Thursday to get here and the Wednesday doctor visit!!!!  Going to be a fun week.  Anybody have big plans for labor day weekend besides partying it up with storm troopers?  Til next time…



  1. Hope you have a great week. Get plenty of water thrown down the hatch. Remember your long term goals as well as weekly…and when in doubt ask yourself..”is it worth it?” Stay strong my blog friend.

  2. […] Yesterday I mentioned I am going away Thursday to Dragon*Con in downtown Atlanta.  Dragon*Con is basically one big non-stop four day event.  In my past trips I often did not sleep till very late, occasionally drank a little too much(don’t judge)  and ate terribly.  Things have changed though.  In six months I am doing my first triathlon.  In six months I want to be in the best shape of my life.  For the last four months I have toiled to build a strong base of endurance, becoming the fittest I have ever achieved.  So, how should I approach Dragon*Con and my training and eating… as a sinner or a saint? […]

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