Week 15 – I Did a Triathlon… Volunteered

Week 15 is officially in the books.  Overall a pretty good and bad week all rolled into one.   My biggest issue, going back into type 2 hypertension dominated the week.  As I previously mentioned my blood pressure had skyrocketed when I checked it on Wednesday.  Because it was so high I put off the remainder of my workouts till it lowered and I had a chance to visit the doctor about it.  As I mentioned, it was my own fault for not checking it in a couple of weeks, eating a little looser with the salt and running out of medication and lazily taking a couple of days to refill.  I still got in 3 1/2 hours of working out including running 4.3 miles, not bad for just a couple of runs for me.  Also, I posted that I was still going to do the open water swim on Saturday.  When I awoke, my blood pressure was still a little too high, so I decided to wait and not swim that day.  So I will have to wait to try my strategy another day.

Good thing is that blood pressure is getting lower again and heading toward normal.  Last Thursday it was 160/99 this morning it was 120/85.  Good news, probably will get some workouts in this week, after talking with the doctor.  Good thing that this week is a planned recovery week.

The best part of last week was volunteering for my first triathlon.  It was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait till I am participating in the event.  I am still glad I was able to volunteer as it is an awesome experience.  I will post a recap in a day or two.

So overall, not the best week, not the worst.  It was just in the middle.  Going to have to figure out my medical issues going forward.  Guess it is better at the beginning of my training than weeks out from an event.  Glad week 15 is over and soon September will be here. Til next time…



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  1. Great job giving some of your time. Your seond BP number looks good, here’s hoping it contiues! We have goals to meet ! I know..I say that all the time…but it is the truth.

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