Training on Hold Till Doctors Visit

One of the problems that lead me to the decision to train for a triathlon was the result of high blood pressure back in February.  I had it under control for the longest time, but this morning it was ranging back into the hypertension scale.  Granted this could be because I had stopped monitoring it as much or I ran out of medication and had kept forgetting to get it filled for a couple of days.  Whatever the reason is, its time to go back to the doctor and have a sit down.  I have not told him my training ambitions and it is time I discuss them with him.  I am just afraid I will be told to chill it out, do less.  But, I have seen after some deep Google searching that quite a few older triathletes use medication for blood pressure and they still compete and train.  I am hoping this will be the result for me.

Regardless, I know I have not been monitoring my pressure for the last 3 weeks (it was reading fine then) and I have missed a day or two of medicine and I have not been as strict with my diet, mostly my salt intake.  So, its time to get everything in order and get cranking.  Still six months to go till my first triathlon and I am sure once I get everything in alignment it will all be good again and I will be back on track.  Good thing is next week is a recovery week, so its reduced effort.  The wife does not think I should finish my last two run sessions of the week till I see the doctor, even though she is conceding my open water swim plans on Saturday and I still get to volunteer on Sunday.

Between the diabetes and the blood pressure things are never easy.   One odd thing I am worried about is that the doctor will look at my weight and think I have not lost any fat.  I have lost 4+ inches off my waist and I sink like a cinder block in the pool now.  Obviously I have become more dense in the last 3 months.  I am hoping the doctors visit goes well on Tuesday and he will work with me to get things figured out so I can continue towards my goal. Til next time and hopefully with a better prognosis.



  1. trikatykid · · Reply

    Medifast was designed by Physicians back in 1980 so doctors could operate on overweight patients (it provided the weight loss so the surgery could happen). Medifast was only available through prescription. Over time it was proven that Medifast worked but no one knew how to keep it working .. Enter Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson, who co-founded Take Shape for Life (the coaching side of Medifast). Now anyone can order Medifast food and anyone can have a Health Coach. And success rates have increased tremendously. People reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, diabetes, etc.. without all the wonder and worry.. I know you know all this but I couldn’t help but put another bug in your ear.

  2. trikatykid · · Reply

    (and I will not be offended if you delete my comment). Just wanted you to have the info again!

    1. I think its interesting, unfortunately I am trying to keep costs down and I prefer allot more calories.

  3. It’s hard to go through a set back. A couple of weeks after hiring my current trainer, I pulled a glute muscle in my zumba class. I felt like I lost so much time in my training, but had no choice but to modify and restructure things. Here’s hoping you have a good doc.

    Liquid plans are not good for long-term lifestyle changes. Seems counter-productive for my type of goals. I agree…I prefer more calories, too.

    1. Might be able to run Saturday, depends on where the blood pressure is. Will see.

      1. Regardless you’ll be able to volunteer at the race though.

        1. Yes, and I will still do the open water swim, there are not many Weeks left with warm enough water. Makes me tighten down on my diet again.

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  5. Hi Chatter,
    I know with blood pressure it is difficult to do hard workout .As you mentioned your also diabetic I suggest you not to go on dieting as it will lower your sugar level.You only needed to check your salt and sugar intake. A walk of 30 minutes to 1 hour is enough for you (not brisk walk) .Green tea will definitely help you to lose weight at the same time will balance you sugar and blood pressure.

    1. I drink a cup of green tea every evening. Not sure if I really diet, just watch what I eat.

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