I Don’t Need To Sleep Late This Weekend: I am Volunteering For a Triathlon

I have set my sights on participating in my first triathlon next year.  But, I have decided this does not have to prevent me from being a part of triathlons this year.  So I decided, at the last minute, I would volunteer at a triathlon this weekend and get a first hand perspective from the other side.  Cool thing is, this is an inaugural event and I will get to assist and be a part of it.  Not sure exactly what I will be doing yet, but I figured it would be great to help racers achieve their goals by providing a great racing experience.  Of course I will also probably blog about the experience, so its a win-win for everyone.

The kicker for me is that I have open water swimming on Saturday morning and the triathlon on Sunday requires volunteers to get there at 5:30, ouch.  That means a very early start for me.  I am so excited and can’t wait to experience an event behind the scenes.

Till next time…



  1. You are going to learn SO much. How exciting! Looking forward to reading your blog!

    1. It’s an olympic/international distance. I had to check off where I would be happy volunteering so I chose the drink station and running help as they required a large number of volunteers. I also let them know I will be happy helping where ever they really need it. I am pretty excited though.

      1. You will learn SO much from watching. I love volunteering at races.

  2. Found out I get a free T-Shirt from the deal!!!! Max size is a 2x which I easily fit into now, but my chest, shoulders and back make it tight!!! Going to have to practice my Arnold voice while I wear it for the race!!!

  3. […] thing I am still eagerly looking forward to is volunteering for the Olympic triathlon I mentioned earlier.  Got my assignment email and looks like I will be manning a water station for the bike and run […]

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