Week 14 In the Books… Blah Week

This week is in the books and boy, it has been a tough one.  I only got in 4 hours of training, I missed a couple of swim workouts and I was not very good on my diet.  On a good note I ran for 2.5 miles on my long run this week, so there was some good to go with the not so good.

The biggest issue for me this week I think involved my wife’s travel out of town.  Her not being here caused me to have trouble sleeping and thus sleeping in and trying to cram workouts in later that day.  Also, my wife is the meal planner and motivator.   Ichoosetolivestronger’s blog post on goals and meal planning she just posted is a must read (there are other great take aways in this post as well).  Read her post and understand, my wife is the one who plans out our meals and prepares all the fruit and vegetables.  My wife makes the diet work to where I do not have to think of what I am going to eat.  The only meals I plan directly are fueling before a workout and recovery after a workout.  With her not here, I managed to shut down, even though I can cook and prepare.

So besides the wife not being around, my other challenge this week has been the devil on my shoulder.  I have heard a nagging voice in my head enticing me to lie on the couch and watch television instead of going and working out.  I have quelled this pretty much and gone an got my workouts in, but boy it was a struggle at times.  In the past, the devil won out to the angel too many times.  But things have changed.

So, week 14 was not the best week for me.  I am no where near the 7-8 hours I wanted to hit, I did not get any weight work in and I missed the Sunday spin class.  What am I going to do about it?  I am going to post my goals for week 15 tomorrow with positive resolve to do better than this week.  For now I will focus on the success of jogging 1/2 mile more than last week and enjoy having some time with my wife today.

Til next time.



  1. Wahoo! I love the honesty about your tough week! But what REALLY resonates with me even more than that is the way you are learning to find something positive and then push through the guilt of not meeting some goals. you’re not giving up, you are making new goals for tomorrow! I am now standing on a cyber table and throwing my fist in the air yelling “YES! Chatter! Way to
    go!”. We will all have tough weeks. Move on. Get motivated again. Choose to LIVE stronger!

  2. trikatykid · · Reply

    You have a great attitude. I did not have the best week either and I am sitting here feeling like a failure and feeling mad at myself 😦 I am hoping to have a plan for this coming week so I don’t have to continue to feel this way. I guess right now I just need to have a pity party that only I’m invited to. I’ll get over it :-/ Keep up the great work!

    1. Seems like every blog I follow is having a hard time this week. You have a great attitude and are doing awesome. Got to learn from what is wrong and grow and adapt. We learn from how we over come hardship, that’s the true spirit of personal growth.

  3. […] Last week was such a disappointing week.  But, today is the start of a new week and so I need to take last weeks disappointments and set goals for this week to rectify those.  Instead of just posting my goal workouts, I am going to try and set some specific external goals as well.  These action items will be achievable goals with measurable outcomes that I think will be just as important as my targeted workout goals. […]

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