My Pool Has Been Taken Over By Triathletes!!!

Before I started training for next year’s triathlon(s) I used to belong to a much simpler gym that did not have a pool.  Where I live, most gyms commonly don’t have pools.  So to my amazement, when I started up at a new gym with a pool I was amazed to realize that there were so many triathletes frequenting this gym and this pool. As I am frequently at the gym throughout various times of the day and often in or near the pool frequently, I thought I would compile a list outlining the types of swimmers I see occupying the lap lanes.

  1. Snorkel Swimmers – These swimmers often due hours of laps utilizing a tubed breathing apparatus.  Usually they use a casual stroke and swim technique and rarely focused on form.  Tend to favor just doing the laps.  Will often have on fins and goggles.
  2. Poolersizers – These mavens of jazersize for the pool show up in large packs for scheduled pool exercise sessions.  Often for the elderly and infirm these classes look tough.  This group breaks up into the serious exercisers and the social exercisers.  While it may look silly, this looks like one heck of a work out.  Often shoes or pool shoes are worn.  Water gets rough during some parts of exercise and would be perfect time to get practice swimming in rough waters.
  3. Life or Death Swimmers – These are either serious athletic swimmers home form summer vacation or out of school for vacation.  Often they have a bag of toys including paddles, buoys and fins.  Every lap is serious work and might involve various different strokes.  Often they look super concentrated and have focus and determination on every lap and lap set.  This is probably the least common pool user, but they do show from time to time.  Some triathlete swimmers come close to looking like they belong in this group but the swim caps separate the group easily enough.
  4. Triathletes in training – My pool has tons of triathletes.  Usually in the morning and the afternoon at least 2 of the lanes have triathletes practicing their swimming.  How can I tell they are triathletes?  Most use some form of total immersion swimming and have a more serious stroke than recreational swimmers but not as structured as the life and deathers.  The biggest thing that gives them away is the fact usually most wear larger style goggles and their swim caps act as flags of accomplishment, often proclaiming some triathlon feet, such as an ironman.  It also could be that the only swim caps they have are from events, but I digress.
  5. Water Joggers – The pool always seems to have a few of these at all times.  I am not knocking it, I had to do it for a while and it was a decent workout.  Basically these conquerors of the lanes walk  or jog in the pool.
  6. Lap robots – There are numerous other swimmers who do not fit into any other categories except lap robots.  These people come into the pool and meticulously swim laps over and over and over… well you get the point.  Basically, hours of swimming laps.

I am sure there are others, but these are the big ones.  Add any I missed in the comments.

Till Next Tiime.


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