Goals Part 2 – Long Term Goals

In an earlier post I laid out my weekly goals based on a challenge from two other wonderful blogs in the word press sphere. Shortly after publishing my weekly goals I found another wonderful post detailing more large scale or long term goals.  So I figured I would lay mine out there for at least my next athletic year.  Maybe during my birthday in December or earlier I will revisit them.

Chatter’s Long Term Goals:

  1. Lose Weight – This has actually morphed more into slimming down the waist and getting healthier and fitter, but I still would like to lose some pounds.  Of course, my training has made this a struggle of its own. I talked about this in an earlier post if you are interested, can be found here.
  2. Run 30 Minutes – I include this because it was one of my goals.  This Sunday I completed this goal running for almost 2 miles for the first time ever.  Post can be found here if you are interested.
  3. Run 3 Miles – Should have this one beat pretty soon.
  4. Run a 5k.  Have not paid for it yet but I am planning on doing my first October 6th.
  5. Run sub 45 minute 5k.  Eventually this will morph into sub 30 5k.
  6. Conquer open water swimming – I have come a long way, but open water swimming still requires some work.
  7. Get a bike and become efficient.
  8. Enter a triathlon – Next March if dates hold true from this years events.
  9. Do a season of triathlons – I have my schedule together and I am ready to make it happen. I also have set up a periodization work out and training plan.  If I am going to do this, I want to do it right.
  10. Do a triathlon or two outside of my home state.
  11. Finish the season trying to do an Olympic/International distance race.
  12. Try to get a late season Backpack trip or two  in .
  13. Not forget to balance life and work while training and get in shape, remember all the people and other things that are important.
  14. Be in the best shape of my life by December 2013 when I turn 40!!!

So there are my long term goals, mostly as I wrote them down 3 months ago.  I have added to them a bit, but most of them have stayed true.  It is good to look at them every so often and reassess and see where I am at with my progress and my goals.

What are your long term goals you are striving for?

Til next time.



  1. Great goals, mine are here, http://fitfor365.wordpress.com/goals/ Good luck!

    1. Good idea, might have to make that a page on this site. Like the way you have yours and completed dates.

  2. So here are my thoughts.

    Open water swimming completely gets me. I’ve only done one, and I have two more lined up this season. My first one I ended up doing the crawl all the way and my arms were fried. I need to do more practice open water swims! As far as a bike is concerned, I highly recommend Specialized. I bought a Specialized Allez Sport at a local bike shop and it has performed perfectly. If you are in the market for a nicer triathlon bike I would look into Felt. Pretty affordable prices for all carbon, and Dura Ace groupo. As far as becoming efficient, keep going to spinning classes. That’s what I did and when I got on the bike I had far less to learn. Be sure to make full circles with your foot, and use muscles during the entire circle, not just on the down stroke! Doing a full season is completely possible. I have five lined up for this, my first triathlon season, and I’ve completed 3 of them, ready to finish. I had a international triathlon lined up to finish the season off, but I’m not comfortable enough on the swim yet so I switched to a sprint. I really want to do a triathlon over seas in Europe somewhere. It seems like a logistical nightmare but it would be fun! I haven’t done one in another state, but it seems if I do, it would probably be for an Ironman distance race.

    Keep it up and you will be able to mark all of these off your list in no time.

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